Top 9 Apps Like Smytten For All Your Lifestyle Needs

Smytten is an Indian based mobile application that allows users to find and enjoy a wide range of luxury items and services across multiple lifestyle categories.

The app focuses on offering customers a carefully curated range of high quality products in categories such as beauty, fashion, skincare, health and wellbeing.

Importance of lifestyle apps for modern consumers:

The rapidly changing modern era of technology, users are exploring lifestyle related mobile apps. There is a huge demand for lifestyle related apps nowadays.

Most of the users are looking for mobile shopping apps that satisfy their demands. Basically these apps are web based applications or mobile applications and available at fingertips.

Users are looking for comfortable and productive ways of shopping to discover and purchase the cost effective products that improve their ways of life.

Mobile apps changed the way of shopping that consumers earlier did. Modern consumers do not want to spend more time shopping physically rather they are looking for virtual shopping to utilize their time for something else.

Lifestyle apps help cut down paper usage and encourage environmentally friendly practices.

These apps like smytten provide convenience and personalization shopping experience and provide quality life.

Exploring Alternatives for a Comprehensive Lifestyle Experience

The conventional method of depending on one service or solution to meet all our lifestyle needs is changing and paving the way for more customized and exploration of diverse options.

Even Though Smytten offers a great experience it is always wise to explore different apps like Smytten.

Exploring other apps that provide better experience and different lifestyle products in a cost effective way improves users financial requirements.

The 9 best apps like Smytten and offer special features and capabilities to meet your lifestyle needs are present in this article.

Alternative Apps

1. Ipsy:

Ipsy is a beauty subscription service that offers glam bags containing beauty products each month. Here are some key features and unique offerings associated with Ipsy.

Personalized Beauty Products: Ipsy provides subscribers with a personalized selection of beauty products based on their individual preferences and beauty profiles.

Glam Bags: Subscribers receive a glam bag each month containing a mix of sample sized and sometimes full sized beauty products. The products may include makeup, skincare, haircare, and beauty tools.

Monthly Theme : Each month Ipsy introduces a theme for its glam bags creating cohesive and curated experience for subscribers. Themes often reflect current trends and seasons.

Profile Quiz : Upon signing up users complete a beauty profile quiz that helps Ipsy understand their preferences, skin type and beauty concerns. This information is used to customize the monthly glam bag.

Choice and Add-ons : Ipsy often allows subscribers to choose one or more products for their glam bag from a selection of options. Additionally, subscribers may have the option to purchase add-on products at discounted prices.

Variety of Brands: Ipsy collaborates with a divers range of beauty brands, including both well known and emerging labels. This allows subscribers to discover and try products from different brands.

Exclusive Offers: Subscribers may receive exclusive offers and discounts on full sized versions of the products featured in their glam bags. This encourages users to purchase products they enjoy at a reduced price.

Glam Bag Plus : Ipsy offers subscription tier called glam bag plus. Where subscribers receive a larger bag with a higher value. Glam bag includes more full sized products in addition to the regular glam bag.

Beauty Community: Ipsy creates beauty community where users can participate in discussions exchange product reviews, and learn from lessons. The social component of the Ipsy experience is enhanced by this community feature.

Points System: Ipsy have point system where subscribers earn points for engaging with platform, reviewing products, and referring friends. Points can be redeemed for additional beauty products.

2. GlossyBox:

Glossybox is a beauty subscription service that delivers a curated selection of beauty products to subscribers each month. Here are some features and unique offerings associated with Glossybox.

Monthly Beauty Boxes: Glossy Box provides subscribers with a monthly box containing a mix of full sized and deluxe sized beauty products. Glossy Box products may include skincare, haircare, beauty items.

High Quality Products: Glossy Box emphasizes delivering high quality products from well known and emerging brands, ensuring that subscribers receive a premium selection in each box.

Variety Of Products: Glossy Box boxes usually include a variety of beauty and skincare items such as makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance products.

Sample and full Sized Products: Subscribers may receive a combinations of sample sized and full sized products in their glossy box, allowing them to try out new items without committing to the full sized version.

Beauty Trends and Tips: Glossybox often includes information and tips on beauty trends, helping subscribers stay informed about the latest in the beauty industry.

Subscription Plans: Glossybox typically offers different subscription plans, including monthly, quarterly, and annual options.

Beauty Community: Glossybox provides a platform for beauty enthusiasts to share their thoughts, reviews and experiences with the products they receive, creating a sense of community among subscribers.

Limited Edition Boxes: Glossybox occasionally releases limited edition boxes with special themes or collaborations, offering subscribers a unique and curated experience.

I recommend checking their official website or contacting customer support for the most current information.

3. Beauty Bay

Beauty bay is an ecommerce platform that offers a wide variety of beauty and skincare products. Beauty bay’s extensive selection of brands and beauty essentials ensures that you can easily find your beauty products while discovering your other favorite products.

Extensive Product Catalog: Beauty bay provides an extensive range of beauty and skincare products, including makeup, skincare, beauty tools.

Product Recommendations: The app may offer personalized product recommendations based on users’ preferences, purchase history and beauty profile.

Beauty Tips and Tutorials: Beauty bay provides beauty tips, tutorials and product usage guides to help users make informed decisions about their purchases.

Exclusive offers and promotions: Beauty bay provides exclusive offers, discounts and promotions for users encouraging customer engagement and loyalty.

Wishlists and Favorites: Beauty bay allows users to create wishlists and mark favorite products for future reference or to track the items they plan to purchase.

Search and Filter Options: Beauty Bay enables customers to search for specific products and use filters to refine their search based on brands, categories, price range and user ratings.

4. YesStyle:

Yesstyle is an online retailer that specializes in Asian fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. It has the largest collection of Asian fashion and authorized retailers of more than 300 beauty brands from Korea, Japan and many more.

Fashion and Beauty Products: YesStyle offers a diverse range of beauty products including clothes, shoes and accessories. It also provides beauty and skincare products.

International Shipping: YesStyle typically offers shipping to international countries allowing users across worldwide to access and purchase Asian products and beauty products.

Multilingual Websites: The platform supports multiple languages, providing user friendly experience to the customers from different regions.

K-Beauty Products: The platform features a wide range of Korean beauty products, including skincare items, makeup and beauty accessories.

Reward Programs: YesStyle offers reward points where customers can earn points for purchases, reviews and other activities.

Fashion Blog: YesStyle  has a separate blog where it provides articles about beauty trends, monthly beauty releases. It has various sections about brand spotlight of different brand products, and a celebrity lifestyle section about lifestyle of various celebrities.

5. Flyrobe

Flyrobe is a fashion rental platform established in India that provides designer garments and accessories. Flyrobe assists in revamping their wardrobes and reinventing their own styles. You can show off the newest styles with a flyrobe without having to worry about sticking to a single look.

Designer Clothing Rentals: Flyrobe predominantly focuses on offering a wide range of designer clothing, including ethnic wear, western outfits, and accessories for rent.

Occasion specific collections: The platform often choses occasion specific collections, providing users with a selection of outfits suitable for events like weddings, parties and festivals.

International and Indian Designs: Flyrobe aimed to showcase both International and Indian designer labels giving users access to a diverse range of fashion choices.

Try and Buy: Flyrobe offers a try and buy feature that allows users to rent an outfit and then purchase it if they like it.

Custom Fitting and Alterations: The platform provides services custom fitting and alterations to ensure the rented wears fit customers perfectly.

Convenient Rental Periods: Flyrobe typically offers flexible rental periods, allowing users to rent outfits for a few days, making it suitable for events or special occasions.

6. CarrotLane

In India, CaratLane is a well-known jewelry business that sells its products online and in physical locations. The following are some of CaratLane’s primary attributes and functions:

Online Jewelry Shopping: Caratlane provides an extensive online platform for users to browse and purchase a wide range of jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Diverse Collections : The platform offers diverse collections catering to various preferences and occasions. Collections may include traditional and contemporary designs.

Diamonds and Gemstones: CarrotLane specializes in diamond jewelry and offers a selection of designs featuring precious gemstones, allowing customers to choose from various stones and settings.

Certified Jewelry: CarrotLane typically provides certification for diamond jewelry assuring customers of the quality and authenticity of the diamonds used.

360 Degree Product View: CarrotLane provides a 360 degree product view of jewelry items, enabling users to examine the design details from various angles before making a decision.

Payment Options: This platform offers convenient payment options including credit card, debit card, netbanking and online wallets providing flexibility in completing transactions.

7. Myntra:

Myntra is a prominent ecommerce platform in India specializing in fashion and lifestyle products. It offers convenient online shopping for men, women, and kids. It offers the latest trendy designer wear straight from fashion houses.

Wide range of fashion products: Myntra offers a diverse and extensive collection of fashion products including clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty items, jewelry and personal care products for men and women and kids. 

Variety of Brands: The platform collaborates with a wide range of national and international brands providing users with a broad selection of options to choose from.

Trendy and Fashionable Styles: Myntra is known for curating trendy and fashionable styles, showcasing the latest in clothing, footwear and accessories.

Virtual Try On: Myntra features virtual try on feature, allowing users to virtually try clothing and accessories before making a purchase.

Flash Sales and Discounts : Myntra often hosts flash sales and provides regular discounts and promotions, making it attractive for users looking for cost effective shopping.

8. FabFitFun:

It is a subscription box service that delivers a mix of beauty, fitness, fashion and wellness products to its subscribers. It was founded in 2010. Members of fabfitfun have access to a video streaming service that offers wellness content.

Seasonal Subscription Boxes: FabFitFun operates on a seasonal model, delivering boxes filled with curated selection of full sized products to subscribers four times a year.

Beauty and Skincare Products: FabFitFun includes beauty and skincare items from well known and emerging brands. These products may include makeup, skincare, haircare and more.

Home and Lifestyle Goods: FitFatBun includes items for home, such as decor, kitchen gadgets, lifestyle products, enhancing the overall experience of the subscribers.

FabFitFun TV: This platform offers access to FabFitFun tv, providing subscribers with fitness and wellness videos, cooking tutorials and other lifestyle content.

Subscription Flexibility: The subscription service may offer flexibility in terms of subscription plans, allowing users to choose between annual and seasonal subscriptions.

9. Birchbox:

Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that delivers a curated selection of beauty and grooming samples to subscribers each month. Here are the key features associated with Birchbox.

Beauty and Grooming Samples: Birchbox provides subscribers with a monthly box containing a variety of beauty and grooming samples. These samples may include skin care, hair care, makeup and fragrance products.

Personalization: The subscription service often includes a level of personalization where users can input their beauty preferences and profile information to receive products tailored to their needs.

Monthly Subscription Boxes: Subscribers receive a new box each month filled with a mix of sample sized beauty and grooming products from well known and emerging brands.

Beauty and Grooming Trends: Birchbox curates its boxes based on current beauty and grooming trends, introducing subscribers to new and innovative products.

It is important to note that these features and offerings of apps like Smytten can evolve over time, and it is advisable to check the latest information on the respective official websites or apps for the most up to date details on their unique features.

How These Apps Address Lifestyle Needs

These apps like Smytten collectively address lifestyle needs by combining product discovery, personalization, educational content and convenient access to a wide range of products. Whether its a beauty exploration, seasonal fashion updates, or discovering new brands, these apps practice to enhance user experience.

Regular offers and Discounts: These apps frequently offer discounts and promotions making fashion and lifestyle products more accessible and affordable for a broad user base.

Loyalty and Reward Points: These apps provide reward points when you purchase a new product or you can get a new reward point when you write a review of the product you used. You can redeem these reward points in a next purchase.

Customer Support: Customer service is essential for any app to address customer issues after purchase. These apps have customer care services to resolve user queries regarding products they purchase.

The User Interface and Usability:  These apps provide a user interface that is easily accessible to search for the product and find out their preferred one. All apps have easy navigation menus from discovering the product to purchase via payment gateway.

Fashion and Lifestyle Products: These apps extensive catalog addresses diverse fashion and lifestyle needs providing users with a one stop platform for clothing, footwear, accessories, and more.

Subscription Plans: Subscription plans helps customers to subscribe for a shorter period and use the products. Based on their experience they can extend the subscription plans or unsubscribe the plans.

Customer Feedback: Before taking subscription or purchasing the beauty products from any of the app discussed above or any other app that is not listed , checking customer feedback, reviews and their experience with the app and products helps customers choosing right application.

FAQ : Apps Like Smytten

Q: Who are the competitors of Smytten?

A:,,, innovist, Lemnisk etc..

Q: Which app gives trial products?

A:  Smytten is the platform which offers trial packs from premium Indian and International brands.

Q: Is Smytten trial products free?

A: Yes. Smytten provides a wide range of free beauty and personal care trial products.

Q: How do I download and open these applications?

A: Go to the respective Appstore for your device and search with app names, download the app you like and install them. Create an account and use them.

Q: What happens if there are problems with my orders?

A: You can find customer support numbers in the app. Call them and explain the problem. Or you can send an email also by explaining your problem with the purchase order number.

Q: List down few Apps Like Smytten

A: There are few apps like Smytten you can look for :,,

Conclusion: Apps Like Smytten

When looking for apps like Smytten, consider the specific types of products you are interested in and explore the subscription boxes, beauty and lifestyle apps, and review platforms within those categories. Keep in mind that the availability and popularity of apps may change, so it is advisable to check the latest information on app stores or website for the most up to date information.

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