QR Code Link Sharing In Edge Windows 11

QR Code Link Sharing In Edge Windows 11

Windows 11 insider preview build is available for testers through beta channel with enhancements and additional features to copilot build. The features include new file sharing capabilities such as sharing content to Microsoft teams channels, groups directly, animation to copilot icon on the taskbar and QR code link sharing in Edge Windows 11.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Deals India!

Upgrade Your Device : iPhone 15 Pro Max Deals India!

iPhone 15 pro max deals India available on Amazon and Flipkart ecommerce websites. We often wish to buy iPhones at lesser prices because everyone can’t afford newly released iPhones because of their hefty prices. iPhone 15 Pro Max deals India includes Apple iPhone 15 Plus, Apple iPhone 15 Plus, Apple iPhone 15 Pro, Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. Amazon slashes the prices of iPhone 15 series phones on their platform for the sale.

iOS 17.4 Release Date Features

Exploring iOS 17.4 Release Date Features: What’s New

Apple sets the new benchmark for every release of its iOS and never shies away from showcasing their innovative skills by introducing new features. This article explores iOS 17.4 release date features in detail to long awaited Apple iOS users to answer their curiosity and what additional features getting added to their iOS to use in their iPhone.

how to earn v bucks on fortnite

How To Earn V Bucks On Fortnite Cheaper 2024

If you are die hard fan of Fortnite players you will understand the significance of Vbucks in the game. However, accumulating Vbucks is expensive and pushes players to look for alternate ways without losing bank balance.

google safe browsing

Enhanced Google Safe Browsing For Chrome

Google is known to update its security features frequently for their products. Google recently released a security update to its chrome browser to enhance users safe browsing on chrome web version on desktops and chrome for iOS devices.