The 7 Best Train Ticket Booking Apps In India

People still follow the old way of ticket booking process by going to the railway station in the early morning when the booking starts and standing in the queue fighting with crowds and waiting for your turn. Once you get your turn, you may be told that all tickets are sold.

This is quite disappointing, even though you spend a lot of time and effort to get the tickets but unfortunately tickets are not available for you. So what do you do?

You may be looking for an alternate way of ticket booking online by accessing IRCTC website. But does that solve the entire problem? Sometimes websites don’t work, or website down or temporarily not accessible.

In this article, introducing 7 best train ticket booking apps in India, and discusses their features and how they help the travelers in the ticket booking process.

Streamlining Travel : Best Train Ticket Booking Apps in India

Looking for best train ticket booking apps in India, quite few are available there in the market which are developed with all features required to know the status of ticket, easy payment process and refund experience, alternate train booking due to unavailability of tickets.

Choosing the best train ticket booking app from many is a bit challenging. Before selecting the best train ticket booking app, let’s understand the features of each app, how they simplify the ticket booking process.

Now we will introduce more mobile applications along with the IRCTC app which you can use to know the ticket availability and book the ticket quickly. Sometimes you may get a waitlisted ticket, and are eager to know the current ticket status and curious to know whether it is confirmed or not.

Any train ticket booking app should have basic features and be accessible quickly with few clicks. Like searching for the train and checking the seat availability, quick booking are the main features.

IRCTC Rail Connect:

IRCTC rail connect is the official app for Indian railways. It is being developed and maintained by CRIS (Centre for Railway information services) and Broadvision. It is best train ticket booking app in India.

It has crossed 10 crore downloads in google play store. It is available for android and iOS platforms.

IRCTC rail connect app is a very popular app in India. You can find this app on almost every smartphone.

You can quickly search for the train by entering the source station, destination station and date.

Ticket booking process is also simple by using the simple user friendly interface.

IRCTC rail connect app is well known for train ticket booking, canceling, and refund requests.

At the last minute you can use the Tatkal feature to book a train ticket and reserve the seat to your desired destination.

The IRCTC app provides various payment methods to book tickets in a safe and secure way by using net banking, credit cards, and payment wallets.

IRCTC app features:

  • Once the app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone, you have to register with a username and password. Even you can PIN to login to the application.
  • Biometric authentication is also provided in addition to username, password, PIN logins.
  • Simple user interface to search, find, check the availability of seats and book the ticket.
  • For Last minute train ticket bookings tatkal option is also available. To reduce burden separate timings are provided for AC ticket bookings and NON AC train ticket bookings.
  • Various payment options are available like netbanking, credit card, payment wallets through secure payment gateway.
  • Always check your waitlisted tickets for the current status.
  • Ticket cancelation, fare refund features are also available.
  • Discounts are available for senior citizens, disabled citizens.


Confirmtkt is an IRCTC authorized partner app. You can search tickets by entering source, destination and date to check the seats availability and book the ticket if available.

Train charts vacancies are available within the app. Food booking is integrated with IRCTC food booking to book the food on travel in the train.

It is fully integrated with the RAIL MADAD app to lodge complaints or give suggestions through the app.

It has crossed 5 crore downloads in google play store and it is available for android and iOS platforms.

Confirmtkt app features:

  • You can enter a mobile number to register with the app to login to the application.
  • IRCTC login is integrated with this app so you can use the same credentials to login to the app.
  • Along with ticket bookings you can also find the PNR status of IRCTC tickets.
  • Get instant notifications for any changes in PNR status, train timings and route.
  • Train running status is available in the app which takes the train name or number to show live running status.
  • You can book tickets for alternate trains or train and bus for confirmed travel.
  • You can find seat availability and train schedules also.
  • Instant refund for ticket cancellation is available.
  • Customer support is available 24 by 7 for IRCTC train ticket booking and train enquiry.
  • IRCTC Vikalp option available to get confirmed tickets.
  • Confirmtkt app provides the feature to reset IRCTC password in the app.


IXIGO is an IRCTC authorized train ticket booking app. It is the most loved Indian train ticket booking app. It is downloaded by 15 crore plus users on the playstore and is the most trusted and highest rated app.

It has PNR status prediction feature to know about seat confirmation possibilities and live train running status also available.

Tatkal ticket booking, train time table for all the Indian railways available within the app.

IXIGO app is designed and developed with a simple user interface to book train tickets for even laymen users.

IXIGO features:

  • The IXIGO app is available in many Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali,  Tamil.
  • Save the popular train routes for offline use.
  • Refund calculator is available to calculate the refund amount.
  • This app provides information IRCTC tour packages and Bharat darshan yatra information and book tickets to reserve seats.


Trainman is an IRCTC authorized train booking partner. Trainman provides trip assurance when you book train tickets through this app. It is another best train ticket booking app in India

Trainman is one of the popular train booking app and it is the most affordable ticket booking platform. If you book your ticket through this Trainman app you get a discount also.

Trainman provides most accurate seat confirmation information and PNR live status prediction.

You can also check your tatkal booking status, and 10 digit PNR number printed on the ticket using Trainman app.

Trainman app provides detailed information about train running status, train arrival and departure timings, coach position with seat placement also.

The Trainman app can be best used for PNR status checking so that you can plan your journey without any confusion and avoid last minute surprises.

Ticket booking and confirmation prediction is very accurate since it uses many factors like travel date, how many days before a train ticket is booked, cancellation trends etc..

Trainman app features:

  • Search for trains, check train availability and book tickets.
  • Customer support is available for booking enquiry, refund issues. 
  • Full refund is available when the train ticket is canceled.
  • Safe and secure ticket booking and payment process.
  • Very accurate PNR prediction
  • Confirmed ticket availability if you book through this app.
  • Free train ticket cancellation feature available in the app with worry free 


RailYatri is another ultimate train ticket booking app available for android and iOS platforms.

RailYatri is an IRCTC authorized train booking partner. RailYatri is best train ticket booking app and offers many features.

RailYatri provides a comfortable train booking experience and peaceful journey with app convenient features.

Railyatri provides PNR status checking, Live train running status, ticket availability and tatkal booking facility.

This app is designed to provide few features in offline mode without internet connection.

You can download the train schedule to the app so that it is accessible when there is no internet.

Tension-free journey experience in not only ticket booking but food you can even order in the app itself with the help of IRCTC eCatering partner directly to your seat.

RailYatri features:

  • RailYatri app brough powerful features in ticket booking for your safe journey.
  • It provides the fastest ticket booking experience.
  • Partnered with IRCTC eCatering to book delicious food directly to berth.
  • Simple user interface with IRCTC login integration
  • Convenient ticket booking experience for confirmed tickets.
  • App provides all essential features like food booking, train schedule, train seat availability etc..
  • Quick checking of train fares for different trains.
  • Coach layout, berth position and platform numbers.
  • Real time train tracking to find exact position of the train
  • Efficient app with great performance to reduce battery consumption.


RedRail is an IRCTC authorized train ticket booking partner and it is an all inclusive train application. It is a one stop shop for all train ticket booking needs, ticket enquiry, food service, ticket cancellation, PNR prediction, ticket confirmation information, train time table etc..

Crores of Indian users trust this app for its reliability, simplicity and performance in ticket booking needs.

It is also considered as India’s fastest train booking app and loved by many Indian users for their enhanced user experience while ticket booking.

Redtail sometimes offers discounts on train ticket bookings for festivals, tourism travels, senior citizens and disabled citizens.

RedRail features:

  • Book train tickets for your desired location and enjoy the journey with this app.
  • Quick access to train fare and train enquiry
  • Detailed information about train arrival and departure times
  • Train halting station information in the journey root
  • Attractive user interface for ticket booking and ticket cancellation
  • Free ticket cancellation feature based on ticket booking date and travel date with zero service fee.
  • Zero convenience fee for first ticket booking with this app.
  • Redrails is connected to redbus for train booking.
  • For UPI payment, instant refund is available.
  • Provides train coach position and train platform number with train running status.

UTS app:

Unreserved Ticketing System is a mobile app designed and developed for android and iOS platforms to book unreserved train tickets. It is an official application used to book unreserved train tickets for daily train travelers.

This app has 4 types of ticket booking options such as QR Booking, Quick Booking (Book & Travel)(Paperless) , Book & Print (Paper), Platform ticket, Season ticket.

Quick Booking (Paperless Booking): This option avoids travelers standing in long queues waiting for the ticket counter to reach and buy the ticket. Now by introducing the UTS app, travelers no longer need to stand in the queue to book tickets. But from anywhere now they can book tickets to travel.

QR Booking: It allows booking journey tickets and platform tickets using QR codes placed in railway stations to avoid standing in the queue. 

Seasonal Booking: This option enables travelers to book seasonal tickets such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly. While booking, travelers choose various train types.

UTS app features:

  • By using UTS app , ticket cancellation is allowed irrespective of QR ticket, Quick option, Seasonal tickets.
  • The RWallet feature allows the traveler to recharge the wallet and use a wallet amount to book the tickets instantly.
  • Surrender R Wallet feature allows you to surrender your wallet. If you have already recharged the wallet and if it has some money, you will be refunded after deducting some charges.

FAQ: The 7 Best Train Ticket Booking Apps in India

Q: Which is the official train booking app?
A: IRCTC rail connect is the official train ticket booking app maintained by CRIS company.

Q: Which payment app is best for IRCTC ticket booking?
A: There are many apps available to book train tickets and you can use payment methods to book train tickets like UPI, credit card, internet banking etc..

Q: Which app is best for buying train tickets?
A: There are few popular apps to buy train tickets in India. All of them provide better user experience while booking tickets.

  • IRCTC Rail Connect
  • Confirmtkt
  • Trainman
  • redRail

Q: Is it safe to book tickets through the IRCTC app?
A: Yes. It is 100% safe to buy tickets through the IRCTC app. They provide a safe and secure payment gateway for the payment process.

Q: Is IRCTC a government app?
A: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation  is a public limited company which runs IRCTC and it is owned by the Government of India.

Q: What are the disadvantages of the IRCTC website?
A: IRCTC is an official app to book train tickets, sometimes it won’t handle the burden of huge numbers of transactions mostly at tatkal booking time and some other times also so it becomes inaccessible.

Q: Can we use GPAY for IRCTC ticket booking?
A: Yes you can use GPAY or any payment process for faster ticket booking.

Q: What is the fastest payment method for IRCTC?
A: UPI is the fastest payment method which you can use to book tickets immediately by transferring the funds instantly.

Conclusion: The 7 Best Train Ticket Booking Apps in India

The best train ticket booking apps are discussed in the article which provides the best ticket booking experience for the users. These apps are most loved by Indian users and are increasingly popular. All the features of the apps are discussed like, tatkal ticket, ticket cancellation, fare refund, live train running status, customer support, any ticket booking issues, refund related questions.

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