Snipping Tool on MacBook Air : Capture Screens Quickly

If you are a MacBook Air user, you may be wondering how to take screenshots quickly and effectively without using the standard print screen button that is natively included in windows laptop. Here comes the snipping tool, a convenient tool that makes taking screenshots easier. Whether you’re a professional user, student, or casual user mastering the snipping tool can greatly increase your output.

Why Snipping Tool On MacBook Air Useful 

The Snipping tool is light weight tool inbuilt into Mac Os makes the Macbook Air users to use it effectively by using the shortcuts. It is not a complex tool with many options as its name suggests it is developed and designed to capture screenshots on Macbook air to greatly increase your productivity.

Applying The Snipping Tool On MacBook Air

Built-In Alternatives On MacOS

Macbook Air comes with its own screenshot tool which can be accessed and activated by using the combination of shortcut keys. Meanwhile this is a basic tool available on Macbook Air which offers very basic functionalities to take screenshots and missing advanced features which professional users require to take and edit the screenshots for different purposes.

Download Third Party Snipping Tools

There are many advanced snipping tools available for download on the Mac App Store which may provide a better solution for the advanced users who are looking for more editing features, cloud integration, changing image types, screen recording and time delay etc.

Knowing How to Use the Interface of Snipping Tool On Macbook Air

Since Snipping Tools is designed with a simple interface, one can easily learn the snipping tool features. The moment you launch the snipping tool, you will see a simple toolbar which provides options to capture screenshots in different modes like rectangular, window, full screen modes.

Even it provides various tools to edit your screenshots with text boxes, arrows, and highlight the area of the screenshot.

Taking Simple Screenshots with the Snipping Tool

Taking screenshots with a snipping tool is quick. Users are offered to take screenshots with a small portion of the window or full window as per user preferences. This flexibility enables users to capture the screenshots as per their needs , whether it is taking a webpage, or a window.

How to Activate and Use the Snipping Tool (Keyboard Shortcuts)

I’ll walk you through using this snippet tool on a Mac in this tutorial. The snippet tool essentially lets you clip photographs or portions of a task or an area. To take a full screen screenshot, simply use the command + shift key on your keyboard. when command + shift + three is executed and only a screenshot is captured. Now that you can open it there, that’s very awesome.

Command + Shift key + 3 – to take full window screenshot

To utilize the snipping tool on your keyboard to take a screenshot of the selected area on the window , hit shift + command + 4. This will allow you to take a screenshot of a specific region on your MacBook. There will now be an arrow on your screen. Click on it to select the area of the screen you wish to take a screenshot of, and it will only take that portion. The portion of the snapshot I just took will now be saved on your MacBook. 

Shift + Command + 4  -> to take specific region of the window area

Advanced Features of the Snipping Tool

Annotation Tools and Editing Options

In addition to taking screenshots, snipping tools offers various tools to edit and enhance your screenshots. You can customize the screenshots by highlighting the specific area of the screenshot or adding text captions to the screenshot, cropping, resizing, rotating etc.

Saving and Sharing Options

Snipping tools provide saving options to local drive and integrated cloud systems also. Once you have created and edited the screenshot you save the screenshots in different formats as per your need such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF. By default these screenshots will be saved to your desktop.

Alternatives to the Snipping Tool

While the snipping tool provides a complete solution and includes everything that is necessary for screenshot capture on Macbook Air, there are many options available which provide extensive features capable of taking screenshots and advanced editing features which most of the professionals require for their work.

Conclusion : How to Use the Snipping Tool on MacBook Air

The Snipping Tool on Macbook Air usage is very simple. It is a basic tool and learning how to use it with keyboard shortcuts is essential to speed up your work and get desired output. Mastering the snipping tool is essential to enhance the screenshots with available options within the snipping tool. Snipping tool offers a very intuitive interface which provides basic features to take screenshot, edit and saving options.


Q: What is the purpose of the snip tool?
A: Snipping tools are used to take screenshots of the full window, images or selective portion of the window.

Q: Do I need the snipping tool?
A: With snipping tool, you can take screenshots with ease and by using shortcut keys

Q: What is the alternative to snipping tools on Mac?
A: Awesome Screenshot & Recorder, Snagit are some of the best tools are available as an alternative to native snipping tool

Q: What are the best snipping tools for Mac free?
A: Lightshot, Monosnap and Greenshot tools provide lifetime free trial. These are some of the alternatives to snipping tools with advanced features and cloud integration capabilities.

Q: How do I use the snipping tool on my MacBook air?
A: Press and Hold, shift+command+3 key used to take full window screenshot, shift+command+4 to take specific area of the window.

Q: What is the shortcut for snipping tools on a Mac?
A: Press and Hold, shift+command+3 key used to take full window screenshot, shift+command+4 to take specific area of the window.

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