QR Code Link Sharing In Edge Windows 11

Windows 11 insider preview build is available for testers through beta channel with enhancements and additional features to copilot build. The features include new file sharing capabilities such as sharing content to Microsoft teams channels, groups directly, animation to copilot icon on the taskbar and QR code link sharing in Edge Windows 11.

Understanding Copilot 

Copilot is an innovative feature introduced in Windows 11 to extend the functionalities of windows and enhance the user experience to provide more productivity. Copilot is an intelligent assistant integrated within window 11, taking advantage of AI powered assistants to help users in various activities. 

Copilot simplifies the tasks of users with AI capabilities by assisting users providing ready made text for the emails, assisting in workflows, switching to dark mode, turning on do not disturb and switching the volume level.

The Copilot icon is animated in the latest addition when the user copies text or image file. The copilot icon from the taskbar located at the right side shows the animation when users copy an image or text, this animation draws the focus of the user to tell that copilot to assist you with that file.

This update also brought the feature of sharing files with Microsoft teams channel and groups directly from the native windows sharing feature. This feature is quite useful if they want to share any links or files to the workplace without switching between apps.

In the Build 22635.3420 beta channel, the Edge browser gets updated with link sharing via QR code. This is a really great feature to reduce manual effort in sharing links to other devices from the Edge browser.

Till now if you want to share the file, website link, image to other devices, you have to download them and share them by sending an email or messaging to them. Then other users have to download a file or image to access it. This whole process is quite time taking and manual effort is required. So all this process is automated with the introduction of sharing links via QR code feature.

Link sharing via QR code enables you to generate a unique barcode, when you scan that barcode with your smartphone’s camera, the user can be redirected directly to that web page or image is downloaded instantly within the device.

As of now it is accessible in the beta version of 22635.3420 build. Slowly it will be integrated into the main Windows version. Once it is accessible to you in the main version , link sharing via QR becomes easier just like refreshing the window.

If you are on any website and want to share that website link, then you have to right click on anywhere on that window, a popup will be opened that might contain a share link via QR code or share option. Tap on it, you will find a QR code sharing option. You can share it once the QR code is generated.

The Widgets entry point’s new location on taskbars aligned to the left

A feature is rolling out to a new position for the widgets entry point on left aligned taskbars. To view richer material from widgets on your taskbar, the task bar entry point will be bigger and shifted to the left side of the system tray.

Drag and Drop Files Between Breadcrumbs

You may now drag and drop files between breadcrumbs in the File Explorer Address Bar using your mouse.

Close Windows Share window

Clicking outside the Windows share window, will no longer close the window. Press the close button located in the upper right corner of the Windows share window to close it.

Personalized Lock Screen

Lock screen is updated with Weather, traffic, trading information. You can access weather, trading and traffic right from the lock screen to stay informed. To turn on this setting go to Settings > Personalization > Lock screen


Q: How do I share a link as a QR code in Edge?
A: Right click on anywhere in the website, a menu will be displayed, click on create a QR code for this page. QR code will be generated. Download the QR code as an image of PNG type or share the QR code.

Q: What is the use of copilot in Windows 11?
A: Copilot in windows web is an AI powered assistant that provides answers from across the web. By pressing Windows logo key and C, or  finding the copilot icon on the right side of the task bar, the Copilot assistant will be launched.


This windows 11 copilot beta release brings a number of new additional features such as QR Code Link Sharing In Edge Windows 11, personalized lock screen, drag and drop files between breadcrumbs and many more. The Beta channel is the place where Windows do experiments with innovations and features to improve user experience. Based on the users feedback that will be shipped to the main Windows OS.

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