Best Fix: How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format

With the growing popularity of instant messaging, WhatsApp has become a necessary application for everyday use. It is the medium by which we communicate across boundaries, share stories, and exchange our feelings. 

WhatsApp is a well-known, full-featured messaging software application that offers a great deal of customization. Because of its features, user friendly interface and simple accessibility nature it has become part of our daily life to communicate with everyone.

WhatsApp does not have a customizable feature of changing time formats directly in the app itself as per user preferences. But it comes with a 24 hour format that most of the users find difficulty in using as compared to the 12 hour format.

Don’t worry if you are wanting for a change, we have got you covered. We will learn how to change WhatsApp time to 12 hours format in this article for each platform separately.

Justifications for Adopting The 12-hour Time Format Rather Than The 24-hour Format

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why someone might like the 12 hour time style before moving on to the instructions. 

According to the survey conducted by Time management Ninja study found that  63% of participants preferred the  12 hour format because of its clarity and ease of use. 

Human psychology also comes into play, many people find it easier to relate to a time system that reflects the day night cycle.

We all feel convenient using the 12 hour time format because our brains are trained to use that format since ages. So it often creates mental stress if we use a 24 hour format. 

24 hour clock style best used to record events that clears the ambiguity. So it is called military time. Even Though 24-hour format is widely accepted across the world, the 12 hour format is easier to understand and convey the time straight forward without creating ambiguity.

As we people generally prefer the 12 hour time style for daily life activities. If we want to meet a friend or make an appointment with a doctor in the evening let’s say 6 O clock ,  generally we use PM with a 12 hour clock format like 6 PM. It clearly denotes 6 O clock in the evening and it looks very natural.

If we use a 12 hour clock style along with AM or PM it increases clarity and readability as it makes us understand the time quickly and avoids unnecessary confusion.

The 24 hour format is inbuilt within the WhatsApp application. It is preferable to use the 12 hour format to avoid confusion on WhatsApp for better communication.

Changing WhatsApp Time Format To 12 Hour On Android OS

Below steps required to follow to see the 12 hour format on WhatsApp on Android OS.

1. Go to the Settings menu

How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format

On your android phone search for Settings app

2. Tap on System Settings

Locate and tap the System at the bottom of the screen

3. Go to the Date and Time Option

Best Fix: How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format

Press Date and time option.

4. Change Time and Time zone options

Best Fix: How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format

Turn on the Set time automatically as it allows to update the time using connected network or Gps if sets accordingly or set to Off to update the time manually and Set time zone automatically option to On to pick time zone automatically or off to change time zone manually

5. Switch to the 12-hour format

How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format

By turning off Use-24 hour time format to get WhatsApp time format to 12 hour format.

After performing the above actions, reboot your android device. You will be able to see the 12 hour time format on WhatsApp application after the phone restarts.

How to Set iOS’s WhatsApp Time To 12-Hour Format

The iOS version of WhatsApp settings does not allow you to change the time format since the device’s system-wide time settings determine the format of the time.

Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • Launch the “Settings” application on your iOS phone.
  • After swiping down, select “General.”
  • Choose “Date & Time.”

To allow centralized updates, enable Set Automatically option On under the Date & Time option. 

Disable the “24-Hour Time” feature. Once you do this the 12 hour format is visible instead of the 24-hour format.

After you exit the settings, WhatsApp and other iOS devices should display the time in 12-hour format.

It is to be noted that changing the time format will update your phone’s system clock so it impacts the time format of other apps also.

How To Change Time Format In WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp web does not have any direct options to change the 24 hour format to 12 hour time format. When visited on computer or phone, WhatsApp web typically uses the time format of the device.

So you have to change the time format of the connected device first in order to reflect your desired time format on WhatsApp Web.

To adjust the time format for your device type, please refer to the general instructions mentioned above.

The Advantages Of WhatsApp’s 12-Hour Time Format

Familiarity: Most of the audience are more used to and comfortable with the 12-hour time format. This makes the user’s experience better and simpler than the 24 hour time format.

Casual and Conversational: 12 hour time clock with AM and PM designations creates a more conversational and relaxed environment around you. Time formats we use in our daily routines so we choose a simpler time format to convey the time easily so the 24 hour time clock is less used in our daily routines. 

Lower Mental stress: Using a 24 hour format increases mental burden because we are familiar with the 12 hour format. Converting a 24 hour format to a 12 hour format decreases the stress levels. The 12 hour format requires less mental effort to notice and understand it. 

Worldwide Compatibility: 12 hour format is best fit for humans , even though the 24 hour format is preferred more in scientific experiments and computerized calculations. Because of this, the 12 hour format may be used by people across the world, avoiding misunderstandings for those who are not as familiar with the 24 hour clock.

Cultural Awareness : The 12 hour format has become widely used and mingled in our customs related to saying time in various cultures. Supporting cultural preferences can enhance the overall usefulness and accessibility of the platform.

Synchronization with System Settings: Many users would rather have their messaging apps match their devices’ time format settings. Having WhatsApp adhere to the 12-hour format if the system-wide configuration is in that format can result in a consistent user experience.

Simplicity in Daily Discussion: The 12-hour format is commonly used by people to refer to time in daily discussion. Using this format in messaging apps such as WhatsApp can let users communicate about time in a more natural way.

Communication Across Time Zones Is Simple: The 12-hour format with AM and PM indications can help make it easier and more natural to grasp the timing of communications while corresponding with people in different time zones.

It’s important to remember that different people have different preferences when it comes to time formats. With the goal of offering a personalized and simple experience, WhatsApp lets users select the time format that best fits their tastes and cultural customs. The decision between WhatsApp’s 12-hour and 24-hour time formats ultimately comes down to personal preference and familiarity.

How Do I Fix My WhatsApp Date and Time?

  1. Press the Settings app.
  2. Proceed to the Time and Date option
  3. Select the Set time automatically and choose the Off from below options
    a. Use network provided time
    b. Use GPS provided time
    c. Off
  4. Enable toggle off Set time zone automatically to choose different time zones if required.
  5. Now manually set Date and Time.
  6. Once you finish the above steps open WhatsApp, see it might have fixed inaccurate date and time issues.

How to Proceed If the WhatsApp Doesn’t Reflect Time Format?

It might be annoying to run into problems while attempting to alter the time format in WhatsApp, but there are a few troubleshooting techniques you can try to fix the issue. The following instructions will help you if the time format remains the same:

Verify System Settings: 
Make sure that desired time format(12 hour , 24 hour) is selected in the system settings of your device.
WhatsApp usually follows the system wide settings so ensuring consistency is key.

Update the WhatsApp:
Verify that you are running the most recent version of WhatsApp. Older versions may have bugs or issues that are resolved in latest updates.
Visit the App Store(IOS) or Google Play Store to check for and install any available updates.

Restart WhatsApp:
Close the WhatsApp application completely and restart it. Sometimes the problem is solved with this procedure.
If the issue still persists, restart your device to refresh all system processes.

Remove Cache for Android:
You can try deleting the WhatsApp app’s cache on Android devices.
Click on Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Storage > Clear Cache.

Reset Settings(IOS):
Resetting the settings on iOS devices can help fix problems with configuration.
Select “Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings” (Note: Resetting system settings will not erase your data).

Reinstall WhatsApp:
Consider removing and reinstalling the WhatsApp app if all else fails.
If you want to keep your conversation history, make sure you have a backup before proceeding.

Look for Updates Specific to the App:
Certain device makers offer updates or settings unique to individual apps. Inspect the settings of your smartphone for any updates concerning WhatsApp.

Speak with WhatsApp Support:
If the problem continues, you can try contacting WhatsApp support for more help.
Go to the official WhatsApp support page or, if it’s accessible, get in touch with them via the app.

Forums Specific to Devices:
Investigate discussion boards or online groups pertaining to the model of your device. It’s possible that other users have experienced comparable problems and may offer advice or solutions.

Await the latest information:
Issues are occasionally fixed in later app releases. If none of the aforementioned methods resolve the issue, keep an eye out for any next WhatsApp updates.

Keep in mind that the options and steps may differ significantly based on the manufacturer and operating system (Android or iOS) of your device. Prior to making any big changes to your device’s settings or reinstalling any apps, you should always make a backup of your vital data. If the issue continues, getting in touch with the support team of your device’s maker or looking for help from internet communities may be helpful.

Flexibility Of Adjusting Time Formats Based On Personal Preferences

WhatsApp’s commitment to offering a personalized and easy-to-use experience is demonstrated by its flexibility in letting users change time formats according to their own preferences. These are some salient features of WhatsApp’s adaptability when it comes to changing time formats.

User-focused design: With user-centric design in mind, WhatsApp recognizes that users have different preferences when it comes to time formats. The option to select between 12-hour and 24-hour formats accommodates regional customs and particular user habits.

Worldwide Compatibility: WhatsApp’s ability to accommodate a worldwide user base is demonstrated by its adaptability with regard to time formats. Users from various cultural backgrounds can relate to and utilize the app since it can be formatted to accommodate different time conventions followed by users worldwide.

Compatibility with System Preferences: WhatsApp adapts to the user’s device’s time format settings with ease. WhatsApp reflects a user’s preference for the 12-hour format if they have configured their device to support it. A unified and consistent experience is guaranteed throughout the device thanks to this synchronization.

Easy Customization: Modifying WhatsApp’s time format is a simple and easy-to-use technique. Users do not need to be technical experts to customize anything because they can easily get to the options menu.

Uniformity Throughout Platforms: The choice to alter the time format is the same for users accessing WhatsApp on iOS, Android, or other compatible devices. Users’ experiences on various devices are made more seamless by the consistency of customization options.

Assistance with 24-Hour and AM/PM Indicators: WhatsApp is flexible enough to enable 12-hour formatted 24-hour indicators in addition to AM/PM indicators. An interface that is more intuitive and user-friendly can be achieved by allowing users to select the time representation that they find most comfortable and natural.

No Effect on Conversation History: Changing the time format has no effect on previous conversations or chat history. Users can make adjustments without fear of losing data, guaranteeing a smooth switch to the time format of their choice.

FAQ Of How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format :

Q : Is it possible to modify the time format in WhatsApp for certain conversations?
A: No, all chats will be affected by the time format change that is applicable to the WhatsApp app.

Q: After converting WhatsApp to a 12-hour format, is it possible to go back to the 24-hour format?
A:  Yes , you can always go back to the 24 hour format as per your wish.

Q: Does WhatsApp support custom time formats?
A: No, WhatsApp only supports the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats that come pre-installed in the system.

Q: What is the difference between the 12-hour and 24-hour time format?
A: The 12-hour clock divides the day into two periods, while the 24-hour clock counts the full 24 hours continuously.

Wrap up : How To Change WhatsApp Time To 12 Hour Format

This article explains how to change WhatsApp time to a 12 hour format in an elaborated way.
You can follow this step by step guide to customize your WhatsApp’s time format according to your preferences. You can go through the troubleshooting guide explained in this article If you face any problem while changing the WhatsApp’s time format for different platforms.

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