How Does Whatsapp Make Money

How Does WhatsApp Make Money – Behind the Scenes?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps worldwide but have you ever thought about how does WhatsApp makes money? You may download and use it for free. We will explore WhatsApp’s business model in this post Covering its background, methods of monetization and potential future developments.

How To Get Whatsapp Verification Code Without Sim

How to Get WhatsApp Verification Code Without SIM – 2024 Solution

You want to install WhatsApp on your phone, but you don’t have a SIM within your phone. So you are worried about installing it right!. You may wonder how I can install WhatsApp on my phone without a SIM or how to get a WhatsApp verification code without a SIM. Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

snipping tool on macbook air

Snipping Tool on MacBook Air : Capture Screens Quickly

If you are a MacBook Air user, you may be wondering how to take screenshots quickly and effectively without using the standard print screen button that is natively included in windows laptop. Here comes the snipping tool, a convenient tool that makes taking screenshots easier.

QR Code Link Sharing In Edge Windows 11

QR Code Link Sharing In Edge Windows 11

Windows 11 insider preview build is available for testers through beta channel with enhancements and additional features to copilot build. The features include new file sharing capabilities such as sharing content to Microsoft teams channels, groups directly, animation to copilot icon on the taskbar and QR code link sharing in Edge Windows 11.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Deals India!

Upgrade Your Device : iPhone 15 Pro Max Deals India!

iPhone 15 pro max deals India available on Amazon and Flipkart ecommerce websites. We often wish to buy iPhones at lesser prices because everyone can’t afford newly released iPhones because of their hefty prices. iPhone 15 Pro Max deals India includes Apple iPhone 15 Plus, Apple iPhone 15 Plus, Apple iPhone 15 Pro, Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. Amazon slashes the prices of iPhone 15 series phones on their platform for the sale.

11 Google Maps Android Tricks

11 Google Maps Android Tricks to Navigate Like A Pro

Most of the Google maps Android tricks are overlooked and are not known to most of the users unless they explore the Google maps Android application. Generally we use it as a regular navigational app. If you go to a new location where you want to find a specific place in the area you will use Google maps android application and in fact to reach the location we use google maps to find the directions to that place.

iOS 17.4 Release Date Features

Exploring iOS 17.4 Release Date Features: What’s New

Apple sets the new benchmark for every release of its iOS and never shies away from showcasing their innovative skills by introducing new features. This article explores iOS 17.4 release date features in detail to long awaited Apple iOS users to answer their curiosity and what additional features getting added to their iOS to use in their iPhone.

Speed up Samsung Galaxy F14

How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy F14: 11 Best Tips!

In today’s digital world, everyone is connected irrespective of the distance where they stay through smartphones and internet. Having a smartphone that should fit your lifestyle is essential these days. If you are using Samsung Galaxy F14 for a longtime and might have noticed the slow performance over a time.

apps like omegle

33 Best Apps Like Omegle: Chat Safely with Strangers!

Omegle is a very prominent chatting app that offers strangers to communicate via text and video based chats. It has gained popularity for allowing unknown people to connect randomly and engage in unsafe conversations. This has led to privacy and security issues for the users. 

How to Replace AirTag Battery

Ultimate Guide : How to Replace AirTag Battery

Are you wondering how to replace AirTag battery? AirTag battery replacement is simple and we can do it quickly at home with little care. No specific technical knowledge is required. We should know how to remove the battery from AirTag so that we can replace the old battery with new one immediately. It will start work immediately once the battery replacement is done.