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In this well connected world, many things are happening around us, whether they may be political events, sports events or cultural events.  Everything is news today. Remembering and tracking them manually is a tedious task.

To address this issue there are many current affairs mobile apps or websites that are developed and available in the market. They can be accessed on smartphones or tablets instantly to get updated with the latest happenings and news.

Mobile apps have revolutionized how we consume information and news. Internet access has also reached remote areas in the country and mobile phones are always connected to the internet. So smartphones are opened gates to access the information using various mobile apps.

Smartphone users most of the time show interest to read news from various apps, curious to know what is happening in the world around is essential to live life with peace of mind and accordingly they take wise decisions that impacts how they lead their life.

This article explores the best current affairs apps among the ocean of current affairs apps and their unique features.

How Critical It Is to Keep Up with Current Events

Staying updated with current affairs is crucial these days as it gives important knowledge about surroundings. How the world is changing and opinions about different matters in today’s geo political world enhance the knowledge. 

Current affairs is one of the main topics for any competitive exam these days. Learning, knowing and remembering current affairs helps in clearing the interviews or exams for government jobs for job aspirants.

For students who prepare for competitive exams, collecting the current affairs everyday enables them to be ready with the latest information and makes it easy for them to get the desired result.

Knowing current events, news and recent information brings confidence and makes job seekers, students and even normal citizens aware about many things and helps in taking informed decisions.

Why Use Current Affairs Apps?

In a world surrounded by misinformation and biased opinions, finding out the truth is highest. By following current affairs apps that give priority to credible information, accurate analysis and a variety of viewpoints makes individuals educate themselves with knowledge that overcome biases and beliefs. 

Current affairs apps are easily accessible from smartphones and tablets. They are designed specifically for mobile devices. On the go users can access the current affairs apps on their smartphone to get the latest news and the local information.

In general, current affairs apps mostly have a simple and clean user interface and have fewer sections which helps to discover the different categories of news, current affairs and general knowledge.

These apps get updated daily with current events happening around the world. It sends notifications to the user whenever there is an update or new information added to the app.

Current affairs apps frequently update their apps with different unique techniques to educate their users  with the latest general knowledge and current events.

Most current affairs apps come with a quiz, it is one of the simple methods to learn the new information.

Best current affairs apps provide instant access to latest news and daily updates at your fingertips. If you are on travel, stuck in some remote area, you can quickly get the latest developments and headlines without having to wait for the newspapers or tv news.

Best current affairs apps offer current events in real time, ensuring that you get updated with the latest news as they happen. Current affairs apps also provide instant notifications for the breaking news and make you aware of the latest developments.

Most of the current affairs apps get the information from authentic sources and provide genuine opinions about the different topics. This enables the users to gain understanding of the sensitive topics by reading views from many credible newspapers.

Current affairs apps have customization features that allow the users to modify the settings in the app according to their interests. So that these apps show the relevant information as per user needs.

Current affairs apps not only provide text based information but also adds multimedia elements such as audio, video, image. It helps users to gain more insights into the complex topics 

Current affairs apps are accessible from anywhere, anytime as long as you have active internet connection. Whether you are at home, office, or traveling , you get the latest information.

Best Current Affairs Apps In India


Adda247 is a powerful app. Its mission is to create a community which helps job seekers to get their dream job by providing important material on current affairs and general knowledge  and preparing you for upcoming government exams and competitive exams.

This app provides not only video lectures, but live classes by their expert faculty covering the required topics. Adda247 app provides mock tests and quizzes also which you can practice to get better scores in exams.

They have recently introduced a doubt resolution feature in the Add247 app, which you can utilize to send doubts in the form of text, video and images to their faculties to get the resolution 24 by 7.

Basically it contains a lot of categories covering all the material required for students and the unemployed. The materials include for Government job exams, State exams, AE & JE exams, Gate & ESE exams, UG, PG entrance exams, Skill development material and material for schools from 1st to 12th standard. You can do shopping and purchase books and material within the app.

There is a community tab where you can post your questions in the community. Your question may be answered by other aspirants.

Google Play Store Ratings: 
Rating : 4.5
Downloads : 1 Cr+
Reviews : 6 Lakh +

Current Affairs Daily Latest:

Current Affairs Daily Latest is another excellent app which has a simple user interface and covers all the exams material separately for Govt exams and private jobs. Presently this app serves in 4 Indian languages.

There is a separate section for current affairs where you can see day wise current affairs and events. With a single swipe, you can access happenings day by day wise.

There are separate sections for live quizzes to participate in , mock tests to appear, practice papers to read which helps in enhancing your knowledge with latest updates.

This app also provides a shopping feature which contains a decent database of books with discounts which you can purchase to prepare for the exams.

This app has a user interface where you can explore for more exam types like SSC exams, Banking exams, Teaching exams, Civil services exams, Railways exams, State govt exams, Police exams and many more.

Google Play Store Ratings: 
Rating: 4.4
Downloads: 50L+
Reviews : 1 Lakh +

Current Affairs & GK App 2024:

Current Affairs & GK App 2024 is developed and maintained by Jagran Josh and it is available in 2 languages English and Hindi. It has a very interesting user interface with SSC, Banking, IAS and News sections.

If you are interested in reading news only, then there is a direct option available that you have to choose and save it. Next time when you launch the application, you will be landed directly on the current affairs tab where you can access the latest information.

From the home page you can access Weekly current affairs quiz, current affairs one liners, daily quiz sections with single tap.

This app also provides mock tests, Latest G.K. Top videos, Latest jobs, Ebooks, Epapers, Videos and web stories to enhance your knowledge happening in the world.

Google Play Store Ratings:
App Size : 33 MB
Rating: 4.3
Downloads: 50L+
Reviews : 1 Lakh +

EMBIBE: Learning Outcomes App:

It is a 3D online learning app for schools and competitive exams. You need to sign up by entering your mobile number or email id. Once you sign up , you will be landed on select your exam screen where various categories of exams will be shown.

It has a unique feature of a 24 by 7 doubt solving session, where you can ask all your doubts through the WhatsApp application to get immediate answers.

It has recorded video lessons, trending videos for your exam, Books with solutions and videos, EMBIBE books for exams and faculty explanations in various sections.

It designed its lessons with a strategy of learn, practice, Test and Achieve to provide material and current affairs in an organized way.

Google Play Store Ratings: 
App Size : 51 MB
Rating: 4.3
Downloads: 50L+
Reviews : 12 Thousand +

UPSC IAS Syllabus Preparation By EduRev :

This is another app that provides current affairs and latest information in 2 languages, English and Hindi. To access the current affairs from this app you need to signup and login to your account.

This app has different pricing plans, For 3 Months, For 1 Year,  For 2 Years, For 3 Years, For 5 years and UPSC +SSC CGL + Banking plans with separate prices.

If you purchase the plans according to your need, you will be allowed to read prime material from their database. That material will be accessible always whenever you want from your purchase section.

This prime material they have prepared with expert faculty by taking the user reviews and feedback also.

Google Play Store Ratings: 
App Size : 21 MB
Rating: 4.6
Downloads: 10L+
Reviews : 29 Thousand +

StudyIQ Education:

This is another current affairs app where you need to sign up by entering your mobile number and mail id. Their mission is to provide affordable and quality education to its users.

In this app, users can access live videos, recorded lesions, handwritten notes, test series and doubt clearing sessions and more. 

They also provide one to one mentorship for you to prepare for the exams by giving detailed explanations about different topics.

It also offers UPSC free courses, Mock test papers to practice and get good scores in competitive exams.

This app also maintains how many hours you spend on the app, total watch minutes, Questions attempted, Quizzes attempted and Quizzes completed.

Google Play Store Ratings: 
App Size : 45 MB
Rating: 4.6
Downloads: 50L+
Reviews : 37 Thousand +

The Times Of India

Time of India app is a popular news app in India which has crores of subscribers who read this newspaper. It brings daily updates on news from various categories like politics, finance, sports etc..

This app is available in most of the Indian languages and you have to choose the language as per your preference. It brings personalized news as per your interests.

It provides regional, national and international news from various authentic sources. It provides notifications, breaking news and headlines and presents live news also.

Google Play Store Ratings: 
App Size : 17 MB
Rating: 4.4
Downloads: 1 Cr+
Reviews : 5 L +

Criteria for Selection:

Multi Language Support : Current affairs apps should support multi languages so that users from local languages background shows interest and access the application in their own language.

Easily Accessible Interface: Any app that has user friendly interface, easily accessible sections, explore categories, quickly access the material gain more users.

Customization Options: The current affairs apps should have customization options according to their personal preferences and interests. So that users get feeds as per their requirements.

Authentic Sources:  Any app that provides information from authentic sources, shares genuine reviews and expresses unbiased opinions.

Multiplatform Support : Apps should be accessible from different devices and different platforms. It should not be a specific single platform and be accessible from android, iOS etc..


Q: Which Indian Current Affairs Apps Are the Best?
A: Adda247,Current Affairs Daily Latest, Current Affairs & GK App 2024 apps are the few best current affairs apps.

Q: Which site is best for current affairs?
A:  There are few websites which can be considered Gktoday, DrishtiIAS, VisionIAS, PIB and MEA etc..


Best current affairs apps provide latest information, news from authentic and credible sources. This information is needed in today’s world to get aware of the happenings and improve the knowledge. Any current affair app should provide daily updates, notifications and a wide variety of information and be readily accessible from the fingertips.

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