The Power of Logout: How to Logout from Meesho App

Meesho is an online shopping platform where you can purchase clothes for women, men and kids, home kitchen items, beauty & health, jewelry & accessories, bags & footwear and electronics.

Many Meesho users may not be technical people and they don’t know how to create an account, how to login , or how to link a bank account . So they take the tech. People help to do that.

Once they create an account and login to the application, they start using the application. But if they want to log out from the app or web application for some reason they don’t know how to logout from the application.

This problem is faced by many of the meesho users and experiencing difficulty in finding the logout option from the meesho app or meeshow web application.

This article explains the steps involved in logging out from the meesho app or meesho online web application in a detailed manner.

Overview of the Meesho App

The meesho is a leading online shopping platform in India to encourage unemployed youth, and other individuals to start their own business with very minimum investment. Meesho has quickly gained popularity with lots of users with their own unique business model.

Here are the key features and functionalities of the Meesho app.

Platform for Resellers: Meesho is a platform for resellers. Meesho enables the users to resell the products using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. So Meesho enables home makers, womens , unemployed users to earn some amount to run their homes 

Products Catalog: Meesho is a platform for a wide range of products across many categories such as electronics, mobile accessories, bags & footwear, jewelry & accessories, beauty & health, skincare, wellness, home & kitchen, women ethnic, women western, men,kids and infants. Explore the app, discover the products you like to buy or sell and directly ship to them or buy it for you.

Network of Suppliers: Meesho associated with multiple suppliers and manufacturers to get quality products with competitive prices. Resellers can access various products from wholesalers and trusted suppliers and directly ship to their customers.

Understanding the Importance of Logout from Meesho App

Meesho app is popular for online shopping for sellers and buyers. Meesho app installed on most smartphones. Many unemployed women and men buy things from meesho and resell to customers by gaining some profit.

We will learn the importance of logging out from your Meesho account once the shopping is done in the app.

Security: Logging out of the Meesho app ensures that your personal information, financial information like bank details, order history, are secure especially if you are using a public device or shared device. It protects your account from unknown people accessing the account and protects privacy.

Stopping Illegal purchases: If someone got access to your account, or the device you have installed Meesho and forgot to logout, it leads to accidental or illegal purchases. Logging out from your Meesho account reduces the risk.

Account Protection: If you lose your device or it gets stolen, logging out of your account prevents others accessing your account to know personal and bank information and avoid purchases from your account. It adds an additional layer of security.

Become a Supplier: Meesho app provides a separate interface for the suppliers separately.
Using a supplier panel, list your products, process the orders, and track the payments.

Order and Payment: This app provides a simple ordering process that enables users to order the products they have chosen or for resellers to ship the products to the customers directly within the app. App provides various payment methods through net banking, credit card, UPI payments with secure gateway.

Customer Support and Order Tracking: This app provides a feature to track your orders and provides detailed information about your product delivery and transport status. This app provides customer support related to product refund, order issues, product delivery status etc..

Community Support: Meesho community support offers many features such as Reselling tips for resellers, you can post questions in the community to get replies from other users, Quiz about the products, other fun & entertainment features.

How To Logout From Meesho App From Mobile

How To Logout From Meesho App From Mobile
How To Logout From Meesho App From Mobile
How To Logout From Meesho App From Mobile

The below steps describe how to logout of a Meesho account from a mobile app.

  • Open the meesho account on your smartphone.
  • Tap on Account from the left side of the bottom bar.
  • Now scroll down to the end of the screen to find Logout button
  • Tap on Logout 
  • A popup will be displayed with a message Are you sure want to logout from the app with Cancel and Logout options
  • Tap on Logout
  • You logged out from the Meeshow account.

How To Logout From Meesho App From Website

Logging out from a meesho account from a website is a very straightforward process if you have logged in to your meesho account from the website from your personal computer or personal laptop.

  • Login to your Meesho account from Laptop
  • Tap on Profile from the right side of the top bar from the Home screen.
  • It opens a small popup with Logout option
  • Tap on Logout, immediately you will be logged out from your account.

Tips for Secure Meesho Account Management

Additional tips for users to enhance the security of their Meesho accounts

  • Never let your account always in logged in mode
  • Once the shopping is done immediately logout of the meesho account from app or website
  • If someone asks for your mobile to purchase from your account, instead of saying no, simply you do the purchase on behalf of them
  • Always download the meesho app from google play store or meesho website only
  • Do not download the meesho app from untrusted sources
  • Always update the meesho app when there is an update in the google play store
  • Frequent updates from app store addresses security issues
  • Frequently checking the meesho account for suspicious activity, if found, report immediately to the support team.
  • Check the order history for any unauthorized purchases.
  • It is recommended to use strong passwords to avoid hacking.
  • Frequently update the old passwords
  • Keep eye on privacy updates from meesho app to check for any account related updates and review the privacy settings.
  • Do not give the app unnecessary permissions always. Give the permission when you use the app. For example, camera, location, gallery etc..

How to Update Meesho Credentials?

If you are a supplier, you have to login to the supplier panel and go to the Support section.

Click the Accounts tab from the support screen. Select the option of I want to change my registered email address. Then fill the new mail address and old mail address and choose to submit. A ticket will be raised. You can track the ticket status.

How Do I Change My Name and Address on Meesho?

As a supplier, you have to login to the supplier panel, from there go to the support section, then move to accounts tab.

User has the option “I want to change my Display Name?”, then enter the new name and click on submit button, a ticket will be raised. Support team solves the problem.

To change the address “I want to change my Pickup Address” option is required to select and enter the pickup address and submit, a new ticket will be raised and the support team will fix the issue.

To change the address, personal information, and email id in the app, you have to click on your profile pic, update the new details and save them. 

How Do I Add My Bank Account Number To Meesho?

While registering as a supplier, you have to enter your bank details. For that you have to enter a GST number, or Enrollment Id then that will be verified. Once the verification is done, you will have to enter your pickup details. One that is saved, then you can enter your bank account number and IFSC. That bank account will be verified. So you start using your bank account now for online shopping.

How to Change Meesho Password

After login to your supplier account, click on profile picture which you can find from top left side,

Click on Settings option, choose the change password option from settings, you can enter current password, and then new password and then click on Change password. You have changed your password now.

How to Change Language in Meesho App

To switch the language in Meesho, take the actions listed below.

  • Open the Meesho app
  • Login to the Meesho application
  • Tap on Account option located at right edge from the bottom bar
  • Tap on Change Language Option.
  • It will open popup with all languages
  • Choose the desired language
  • App immediately switches to the chosen language.

FAQ of How To Logout From Meesho App

Q: How do I log out of Meesho?
A: As described in the article, logging out from meesho is a very simple process. Account->Log Out for the app. Profile->logout for the web version.

Q: How do I delete my Meesho account on the app?
A: There is no direct option to delete the  meesho account , but you can contact the help desk or customer support to delete the account.

Q: How do I change my Meesho account number?
A: By going to the supplier panel, then support , and finally accounts tab. From there you will get many options, choose the one you want to do and submit, a ticket will be raised.

Q: Is it safe to add bank details in the Meesho app?
A: Meesho is a trusted online marketing place. The money you get through this app should be transferred to your account, for that you need bank account details. Meesho takes all precautions to safe and secure your bank account details. For more information, users can go through their policy pages.

Q:Is it safe to pay online on Meesho?
A: It is quite safe to pay online on Meesho. You always check their privacy, terms and condition, disclaimer pages to understand the payment related information. You can even contact their customer support to get complete information.

Q: Is Meesho app safe for online payment?
A: Yes. It is a trusted app and laks of users using this platform safely. 

Q: Does Meesho refund money in bank account?
A: It transfers your refund amount to your bank account which was added by you. They do the refund for eligible items.

Q: Is a current account mandatory for Meesho?
A:  For meesho an active bank account number is required to purchase, get refunds.

Q: What is the registration number of Meesho?
A: MEESHO PAYMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED is the registered name and you send an email to them to get the registration number.

Q: How to remove account from Meesho app?
A:  You have to contact Meesho customer support to deactivate or remove the account.

Q: How do I pay after order in Meesho?
A: You can use the COD (Cash On Delivery) option while doing the purchase. It means when you receive the order on your doorstep, you can handover the cash directly.

Conclusion of How To Logout From Meesho App

Meesho online marketing platform is a revolution in India. Its unique model encourages many individuals to become small business persons as per their investment capabilities. So many created an account on the Meesho platform and started using it. But users forget to logout from the app.

This article explains disadvantages if you don’t logout from the Meesho app and what will happen if you keep the account with logged in mode. As discussed in this blog, users can follow this guide on How to Logout from Meesho App to solve the problem. 

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