11 Google Maps Android Tricks

11 Google Maps Android Tricks to Navigate Like A Pro

Most of the Google maps Android tricks are overlooked and are not known to most of the users unless they explore the Google maps Android application. Generally we use it as a regular navigational app. If you go to a new location where you want to find a specific place in the area you will use Google maps android application and in fact to reach the location we use google maps to find the directions to that place.

Speed up Samsung Galaxy F14

How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy F14: 11 Best Tips!

In today’s digital world, everyone is connected irrespective of the distance where they stay through smartphones and internet. Having a smartphone that should fit your lifestyle is essential these days. If you are using Samsung Galaxy F14 for a longtime and might have noticed the slow performance over a time.

How to Replace AirTag Battery

Ultimate Guide : How to Replace AirTag Battery

Are you wondering how to replace AirTag battery? AirTag battery replacement is simple and we can do it quickly at home with little care. No specific technical knowledge is required. We should know how to remove the battery from AirTag so that we can replace the old battery with new one immediately. It will start work immediately once the battery replacement is done.

How To Share An App On WhatsApp

Easy Share :How To Share An App On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not only an instant messenger, but it has many hidden features which we are not aware of. One of the features I want to share with you today is How to share an app on WhatsApp. You might be interested to know how, right! Yes it is possible to share the app on WhatsApp like any other file.

how to transfer telegram to new phone

How To Transfer Telegram To New Phone : 2024

When you purchase a new phone by exchanging your old phone or by paying cash you experience happiness but on the other side you have to restore the data from your old phone to the new phone. Data restore is a crucial part to start using the messaging apps.

How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story

How To See Hidden Mentions On Instagram Story 2024

Instagram introduced a beautiful feature called Instagram stories long back through which users can share their feelings, experiences from their daily life with their audiences. While posting the story on Instagram platform creators have the option to tag other users by mentioning their usernames in the story for better reach. 

How To Unarchive Chats In Telegram

Restore Memories : How To Unarchive Chats In Telegram

If you are a daily telegram user, and using it for personal purposes or for your business needs. You observed that there are lots of messages coming in and few of them you are attending and the rest of them you may be ignoring since they are less important

How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram

How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram: A Simple Guide

How to see unsent messages on Instagram comes to mind when we want to see the message which is unsent by someone to us. There are times, people send messages to you directly, and unsend them immediately because for some reason

how to delete flipkart order history

Easy Guide : How To Delete Flipkart Order History 2024

You have ordered a pricey electronic item on the Flipkart app to gift to your spouse on their birthday. Somehow you have managed to hide the Flipkart order box and you don’t want to disclose the price of the item to your family members in the near future. 

How To Install OmniSD In Jio Phone

How to Install OmniSD In Jio Phone 2024

The Jio feature phone has restrictions in installing third party android applications.  But which limits users’ freedom to get the full advantage of the jio feature phone even though it has provision to install other android applications.