Secure Shopping : How to Delete Meesho Account? 2024

Introduction To How to Delete Meesho Account?

Meesho is one of the popular ecommerce platforms in India. It is a platform for regular buyers and resellers to explore the app, discover the products and add the products to cart to do the payment and directly ship to customer address.

However users sometimes want to stay away from the Meesho account because of various reasons. Meesho account deletion is not a straightforward process because it involves Meesho app customer care involvement based on your request.

If you want to delete the app from your smartphone, you can simply uninstall it since it is completely under your control. But you want to delete your online Meesho account permanently that is not in your control since the data is stored in Meesho servers.

However Meesho has provided some ways to delete your account from their servers which we discuss in this article.

Reasons for Removing Your Meesho Account

Reasons for moving away from the Meesho account may not be any specific. Sometimes users want to take a break from Meesho shopping, or  find a better alternative than Meesho, or due to privacy and security reasons. 

Whatever the reasons users want to delete their Meesho account, a problem arises. Because they don’t find the direct option to delete the Meesho account. 

So this article explains the different ways to delete the Meesho account step by step. Go through this article till the end. You will understand How to Delete Meesho Account?

Is It Possible to Remove My Meesho Account?

It is quite possible to delete the Meesho account permanently. There are certain ways which users should follow to delete the Meesho account.

Sending an email to Meesho customer care is one option to request them to delete your meesho account, or calling Meesho helpdesk directly asking to delete the account or tagging social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account.

Detailed Instructions for Deleting a Meesho Account

If you are a Meesho user and want to take some break from this online marketing app by deleting your Meesho account then the below steps explain it to you.

In three ways you can delete a Meesho account. The three ways are explained very clearly in a simple way so that you can do this activity on your own by following this article.

Sending An Email To Meesho Support

  • You have to send an email to the Meesho help center team to close your meesho account.
  • Open your mail from any browser or from email app
  • You have send an email to
  • Mention the subject line as Requesting to Delete my Meesho account
  • Prepare the body of the email like below and send
  • They review your account upon receiving your mail then delete the account
  • You will be notified once the action is taken against your account

Dear Meesho Support Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request the deletion of my Meesho account, registered under the email address Your Email Address.

I have been a user of Meesho for some time now, but I have recently decided to take a break from online shopping. Therefore, I kindly request you to permanently delete my Meesho account, along with all my personal information and data associated with it.

Please confirm the deletion of my account by sending an email to the above-mentioned email address. I would be grateful if my request could be handled as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best Regards,
Your Name

Here you need to mention your email id and mobile number associated with your account.

Making Use of The Customer Service Number

In order to use this method to delete your Meesho account permanently, you need call customer care number

Customer care number 080 617 99600 / 080 68878782 (Check the portal and confirm for update in contact number)

During the call you have to explain the issue very clearly with the customer care representative. You should request them that “I am not using a Meesho account right now and I want you to delete my account and delete all the personal information from your database”.

As per service level agreements and doing all the verifications, they will delete your account.

Making Use of The Meesho Social Media Accounts

Another easiest method is to use Meesho Facebook and Twitter handles to delete your Meesho account.

  • Go to Facebook, Twitter apps
  • Search for Meesho handles
  • Write a request to delete your meesho account. But do not mention your personal details there
  • Wait for the response from them
  • They may call you or they may provide you their mail id.
  • You have to mention required details there to delete your account.

Additional Tip: If you want to take a small break from online shopping using Meesho, simply open your smartphone, and uninstall the Meesho app.

FAQ: How To Delete Meesho Account?

Q: How do I delete my Meesho account online?
There are three ways to delete your meesho account online. Calling customer care number, tagging social media accounts or sending email to customer support.

Q: How do I logout the Meesho mobile application?
A: There is a direct option available within the app. Go to the account and select the Logout option to logout from the app.

Q: How can I remove the Meesho app’s order history?
A: There is no direct option available to delete order history from the app. But sending an email to customer support would solve the problem.

Q: Is bank information safe on the Meesho app?
A: Yes the Meesho application is safe for bank details.

Q: How do I cancel my Meesho order?
A: Login to Meesho app. Move to My orders. Select the order you want to cancel. Click the cancel button.

Q: How to delete meesho account permanently in mobile?
A: To delete the Meesho app permanently in mobile, you have to uninstall the app, it is easy and in your control. But if you want to delete your account permanently you have to follow the above steps described in this article.

Q: How do I change my phone number on Meesho app?
A: Login to the supplier panel, tap on support, go to accounts, raise a ticket by choosing “I want to change my phone number” . Provide a new number and submit it.

Q: What is the number of Meesho app?
A:  Customer care number 080 617 99600 / 080 68878782 (Always check the portal and confirm for change in number)

Q: Who is the CEO of Meesho app?
A: Mr. Vidit Aatrey is Founder and CEO at Meesho marketing platform.

Q: Is Meesho a Chinese app?
A: No. Meesho is an Indian based online marketing platform. Meesho app is popular for its unique business model.

Q: Is Meesho and Flipkart same?
A: Both are ecommerce platforms that offer a wide array of products to the customers. But they have certain differences in the way they do business.

Q: Who is better, Flipkart or Meesho?
A: The Flipkart is in top position in offering wide range of products, 

Q: Why prices are low in Meesho?
A: Meesho’s business model is unique and it is a reseller platform. Manufacturers and suppliers sell their products directly to the customers or resellers. It eliminates the need for publicity and marketing. So prices are cheaper.

Q: How does Meesho make money?
A: Meesho makes money through commission from reseller sales. When a reseller makes a sale through its platform, it earns some commission in the form of charges for the transaction. 

Final Thoughts on How to Delete Meesho Account?

In a few simple steps, you understand how to say goodbye to your meesho account. Now you know how to delete meesho account, this definitely gives more control about your decision on how to manage online accounts.

The decision may be taking a break from online shopping, or simply switching to another platform for change. You might have already raised a request to delete your Meesho account, well done on your achievement. We should always take decisions that should align to our goals while fulfilling the online presence.

By deleting the Meesho account, it impacts your online activities according to your requirements and needs. Ecommerce trend is changing rapidly and decisions you make to take a gap or stay out of the digital apps, should satisfy the present online and empower your future needs also.

You have a freedom to choose the online marketing app which you like, and all the marketing or ecommerce apps also offer features according to user needs even in deleting accounts along with personal information, purchase history permanently from their databases.

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