Empower Your Career: How To Send Resume In WhatsApp

If you figure out a quick and easy way to send a resume directly to the respective hiring managers of companies that you want to apply to, you can bypass all those routine tasks of attaching a cover letter and occasionally even receive a response right away.

One such application is WhatsApp. It is a free instant messaging application,  and not only used for chatting with friends or sharing jokes but can be used for professional purposes also. It is becoming a great tool for job applicants that facilitates sharing of resumes with potential employers.

WhatsApp has turned out  as a reliable application with instant file sharing and simple chat and voice call features making it the perfect platform for connecting job seekers with possible recruiters.

In this blog post, we will examine how to send resume in WhatsApp in a simple way . This guide will enhance your professional use of WhatsApp in a straightforward way.

What is the purpose of sending a resume via WhatsApp?

In today’s technologically advanced digital world getting access to job vacancy information is not an impossible task. But finding the right job according to your skillset is sometimes challenging among an ocean of opportunities.

Finding a suitable job depends on many factors right from preparing an attractive cover letter, crafting a job winning resume, filling online job application forms, uploading required certificates, or sending an email with attachments is a tedious and time consuming task.

However, if you figure out a quick and easy way to send a resume directly to the respective hiring managers of companies that you want to apply to, you can bypass all those routine tasks of attaching a cover letter and occasionally even receive a response right away.

The purpose of sending resumes over WhatsApp, will be visible upfront to the recruiters. Now mostly everyone is on WhatsApp to communicate with others for personal and official use.

Resumes received on WhatsApp will be added to their list that would be processed further. Recruiter quickly glance through the resume and get a high visibility to shortlist the profile.

Even WhatsApp has come up with business accounts with rich features to facilitate business communication to handle business users. Features include direct broadcast messages without saving contact, interactive communication to answer user queries to gain trust.

Conventional way of sending a resume is already in use and is a lengthy process. So most of the users turn to WhatsApp software to send the resume to recruiters for its simplicity.

The Tutorial Demonstrates How To Send Resume In WhatsApp in an easy-to-follow Manner

Organize Your Resume for WhatsApp:

1.Create Your Resume : 

You should have a well prepared and professional resume before you plan to send a resume. There are many great templates available in the market, you can choose and short list one template that is best suited for your resume.

Customize the resume to demonstrate your educational qualifications, certifications, skills, experience and rewards you achieved with your previous employers. Include keywords required for the job since sometimes automated tools to find the keywords in the resume to filter the required resume.

So highlighting a resume with enhanced skills according to market needs and fulfilling job requirements gives a certain impression to the recruiter that draws a quick response and instantly increases the probability of shortlisting for conducting interviews and high chances of getting your dream job.

In a summary use clear headings and subheadings, bullet points, concise language in the resume.

2. Choose Best Resume Format Compatible With WhatsApp:

Generally we prepare a resume in word format to easily modify the contents and font styles then we save it in the system. Then convert that CV to PDF format before sending it on WhatsApp.

Once word format is ready then Go to File Option, then choose Export option, after that click on Create PDF/XPS document. It converts your resume to PDF format. It maintains the layout and format as it is, after forwarding also.

3. Make Your Resume User/Platform Friendly:

When you send a resume over WhatsApp on mobile or via web WhatsApp on a desktop/laptop, the resume should maintain the same layout or adjust to the underlying platform. 

If your resume is user friendly irrespective of platform or OS like whether recipient viewing on mobile or desktop, it should give a user-friendly experience irrespective of screen sizes.

4. File Size Considerations:

When you send a resume on WhatsApp, always remember to maintain an acceptable file size. Because it takes time to upload when your network speed is slow and downloading takes time for the employers also. 

Sometimes recruiters may skip downloading the resume because of big file sizes as it takes more time. If the file size is large, it consumes more data on mobile and upload takes a long time to complete. 

Compress your resume size to small by using various free tools available on the web to enable smooth forwarding over WhatsApp.

How To Send CV On WhatsApp

Step1: Save the Hiring Manager’s Contact:

In order to send your CV through WhatsApp, you have to save the recipient’s contact in your phone book. Launch the WhatsApp application, search for recipient’s contact to prepare a message.

Choose a new chat symbol in the bottom right corner from WhatsApp chat page, search for a contact or tap on New Contact and enter the first name, last name and phone number to save it.

Step2: Compose a Professional Writeup About You:

It is essential to attach a professional writeup about you while sending your resume on WhatsApp. Mention a few important points about you such as a brief introduction, the job position you are applying for, the location you are interested in, why are you interested in that job, why they hire you, how soon you join if they hire you.

The message should be very clear, point to point and short in length. That creates a positive impression about your resume. So the hiring manager quickly glances through your CV to understand you.

Step3: Attach your CV:

To attach the resume, open WhatsApp , select recipient contact on Chat tab, click on attachment symbol, select document option, it will open file explorer, select the pdf or word file you want to send and upload it.

Step4: Review Resume Again to Send:

In the last moment before sending, open the resume and go through it once again and verify all the requirements of the job are mentioned correctly and check whether required skills are highlighted. 

It gives confidence about your resume and generates a positive spirit in you. Now tap on the send button. It will be sent to the recruiter instantly.

Points to Remember When Sending a Resume on WhatsApp

As we discussed above, a professional message or cover letter is essential while sending a resume on WhatsApp. I will highlight a few important points that We will go through to understand the importance.

Professional messages might include below information to get the hiring manager’s attention.

  • Point 1 : Message should be clear and crisp to convey essential information.
  • Point 2 : Include the job requirements that you can handle
  • Point 3 : Mention the location you are applying for clearly
  • Point 4:  Write your job eligibility like qualification, professional experience
  • Point 5:  Why did they choose to hire you?
  • Point 6:  How soon will you join if they recruit you?

Write them in one sentence for each question or one word and highlight them with bold letters. This enables the recruiter to quickly go through your message within their busy time and may shortlist you if you are best fit for further levels. 

Formal Follow Ups About The Job Status:

After sending a resume on WhatsApp, it takes some time for the recruiters to shortlist your resume and conduct interviews and send notifications to the selected candidates.

Meanwhile, candidates should have patience to receive the update from their employer. A few get impatient or might be curious to know their selection result.

So they send frequent messages to employers to know the status of their job. It annoys the employer as he might be busy with some other important work or in the process of preparing a selected list or may be out of station for personal work.

When and how to get in touch after submitting your resume:

Once you submit your resume, wait for the employer to do further processing of your application to get back to you. 

In case the employer doesn’t send you the update after a reasonable time, then send a gentle reminder about your job application status.

There is no guarantee that you get an immediate reply, but it notifies the employer that you are looking for an update of the application that you have applied for.

Polite reminders always work in these situations. Do not send multiple reminders within a short span of time.

Basic Things To Remember For Using WhatsApp To Send Resume

1. The Mobile First Criteria: Nowadays dependency of mobile usage for job search and sending resume on mobiles is growing faster. So the resume you send on WhatsApp should be best viewable on mobile when the recruiter downloads and opens it on their personal mobile.

2. Recruiters’ Preferred Channel: Most of the recruiters allow communication with job seekers on instant messaging applications like WhatsApp. Since both parties get the updates of the job application instantly on their fingertips.

3. Update WhatsApp to Latest Version: Before sending resume on WhatsApp application, check WhatsApp has any updates by going to play store. If there are updates to install, then install it and have the latest version.

4. Make Use of a Good Profile Photo: When you send a resume on WhatsApp, it is quite possible that your profile picture gets an impression on the first shot. Use a professional and high quality image as a WhatsApp profile picture. Recruiter might get a good impression because of an attractive profile picture to go further to see the resume.

5. Save The Recruiters Contact in Phone Book: Immediately save the employer contact information in your phone book. It becomes handy when you send a resume on WhatsApp by attaching it and maintain communication in future without recalling who’s contact it is.

6. Pay Attention To Timing : Better aware of the recruiters timings before sending the resume on WhatsApp. If it is a business account they may mention their working hours in their profile picture itself.

Do not send the resume on WhatsApp on public holidays, weekends, lunch timings, outside of the office hours, or late nights as it is not their official time so they may not look into it.

To get immediate attention from the recruiter, prefer their official office timings or weekdays by looking at their profile page. You may get positive results from your job application.

7. Focus on Your WhatsApp Display Name: Change your display name as it should reflect your official name. Avoid keeping nicknames, funny names. Write something about your professional work in the About you option.

8. Do Not Change Your Phone Number Frequently, Associated with Your WhatsApp Account: Avoid changing your WhatsApp associated mobile very frequently. Always maintain a single phone number since it is already mentioned in the resume that you have sent on WhatsApp.

9. Make Your Language Clear and Simple: The professional message you accompany with your resume while sending on WhatsApp should be direct and accurate. Do not show language expertise instead showcase your skills in a simple tone.

10. Don’t Go Overboard in Your Follow-Up : As discussed above this is important etiquette when you do the follow ups with your employer. As he may deal with thousands or hundreds of job seekers like you. There may be slight delay in response. 

After waiting for 2 or 3 weeks, if you have not received the response yet then send a polite reminder. Definitely they respond to your reminder.

11. Update Your Contact Information: Verify your contact information including your mobile number and email address. Make sure it is up-to-date and clearly visible on your resume.

12. Privacy Settings: Review your privacy settings on WhatsApp before sending resume to employer. Privacy settings include who can view your profile picture, status, and other personal information. So that unprofessional or personal status message sharing with employers will be avoided.

13. Be Professional : All your communications including messages with your employer sent through WhatsApp should have a formal tone and manner.

By keeping these basic guidelines in mind, you can effectively use WhatsApp to send your resume while presenting yourself in a professional manner.

FAQs About How To Send Resume On WhatsApp

Q: What should I write on WhatsApp when sending a resume?
A: Your writeup should be concise and simple. Include related experience, qualifications, Notice period to join, how you best fit the job, specify the posting location. 

Q: How to send resume to company?
A: Save the recruiter contact to phone address book, prepare a resume with all the required information for the job, launch WhatsApp, search for recruiter contact in chat tab, tap on attachment, click document to attach the resume, tap on send button.

Q: Can I send my resume via WhatsApp if the job posting does not indicate it?
A: No. If they don’t mention it, choose a traditional way of sending a resume via an email. Follow the guidelines requested by the recruiter.

Q: What if my resume file is too huge to send over WhatsApp?
A:  Irrespective of WhatsApp file size limits, always prepare a resume with smaller size. If the file size increases, use compression tools to reduce the file size. Otherwise upload the resume to google drive or dropbox like file sharing services. Share the link to the recruiter instead of sending a file directly.

Q: How to send resume in pdf format?
A: Once preparation of resume is done in word format, simply export it to pdf format by going to File -> Export -> Create PDF/XPS Document. Or there are many online tools available to create a resume in PDF format.


This article navigates you through easy steps about how to send a resume on WhatsApp. In addition, we discussed a few points and tips that one should consider while sending resumes on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a simple and yet powerful tool. Sending a resume on WhatsApp saves quite a bit of time. It is a user friendly app that facilitates a quick and simple way to forward the resume.

These tips maximize your chance of standing out from the crowd. That is first successful step in achieving your dream job. This way WhatsApp has emerged as alternate to send resume.

I hope this article helps you in sending resumes via WhatsApp. If you feel it is worthwhile, feel free to share with your unemployed friends who are looking for a job, or share with friends who want to shift their job to another company. 

Best of luck on your job search. Tell us how you liked it in the comments section.

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