Easy Guide : How To Delete Flipkart Order History 2024

You have ordered a pricey electronic item on the Flipkart app to gift to your spouse on their birthday. Somehow you have managed to hide the Flipkart order box and you don’t want to disclose the price of the item to your family members in the near future. 

But if they see your Flipkart order history, the price will be revealed to them. Somehow you have to hide or erase that particular order history. Fortunately you know how to delete Flipkart order history, so you have deleted the flipkart order history. There is no way to disclose your order history even if they access your smartphone which has a Flipkart account through which you have made this order.

What is Flipkart Order History

Flipkart is a popular ecommerce platform in India which is a largest market store that has every item which users want.

Generally these days we habituated to buy products from online stores such as Flipkart, without going to shop physically. When we purchase or order any item from an online market or through e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, they maintain an order history for the benefit of customers and ecommerce platforms.

Maintaining order history solves many problems, if the product is defective and wants to return, or when applying for refund, this order history works as evidence, based on that only further actions will be taken.

Flipkart maintains record of all purchases made by all the accounts individually and provides access to users to their order history.

Order history is specific to individuals, when they purchase something on Flipkart platform, it records purchase date, tracking history of when it is delivered to customer, price of the item, discount offered.

It also contains sensitive information such as your purchase habits like what type of items you are frequently buying, budget spending for buying goods, delivery type COD or direct payment, payment mode like credit card, net banking, pay wallets, UPI and personal information

Purchase history is maintained year wise. If you want to see what you purchased in any specific year, there is a search option through which you can find your orders. You can search your  order history by using filters like delivered, canceled, refunded, on the way to get the relevant product details.

It records the information such as product name, product price, seller details, offers information, order confirmed date, if canceled, canceled date, refund date, refund amount, the bank account to which refund is initiated and completed and complete tracking history of the purchase.

Where Can I Find My Order History

  • Open Flipkart app on your smartphone
  • Click on Account button from the bottom bar
  • Click on Orders button
  • My Orders screen will be opened.

This is the order history or summary of your orders for your account, this is where you can see all of your purchases made till now. 

How To Track Individual Orders

  • Launch the Flipkart app on your smartphone
  • Navigate to Orders page by clicking on Account button from home screen
  • Click on any order you wish to track

This page shows the product tracking information from ordered state to shipping, dispatching and delivered state.

Why Should You Delete Order History from Flipkart?

Generally, Flipkart does not allow you to delete the order history from your account. That is the reason there is no direct option in the Flipkart to delete your order history. Flipkart maintains the order history for every account separately.

Order history means record of all the transactions or purchases made through a single account including when the order is made, what is the price, what are all the discounts or offers applied to it, whether the order is canceled, returned, refunded, reasons for cancellation, refunds.

When your phone is handed over to your relatives, family friends, they may accidentally see your order history about items you have purchased, so this is sensitive information and that is personal to you.

Sometimes if your phone gets hacked and your personal information, financial information like credit card, banking information will be leaked that may lead to financial losses like losing money from your bank accounts without your intervention or unauthorized transactions from your credit cards.

Users are concerned about their privacy, so they want to delete their order history to prevent others from accessing their order history. Some users concerned about their order history shared online because of security reasons. By deleting the order history enhances the security of your account.

How to Delete Flipkart Order History in Simple Steps

On Flipkart Mobile app

In a few simple steps you can delete Flipkart order history. You can learn on How To Delete Flipkart Order History by going through this guide.

Tap on Accounts Tab From Home Screen

How To Delete Flipkart Order History

Launch the Flipkart app from your smartphone
Go to Orders by clicking on Accounts button from bottom bar

Choose Orders Button

How To Delete Flipkart Order History orders

Click on Orders button to go to Order History

Navigate to Order History page

How To Delete Flipkart Order History pick order

All of your orders will be displayed from order history page
Pick any order you want to delete from order history

Navigate to Order Details page

Pick any order you want to delete from order history order details

Navigate to specific order details page
You will find Chat with us option from bottom of the Order details page
Click on Chat with us option

Navigate To Chatbot page

How To Delete Flipkart Order History chatbot

It will open a chat window with many options
You can choose other/something else option or something else option
Chatbot asks you type in your issue
Raise your concern about deleting Flipkart Order History.
They note your concern and delete order history within some time window

Now by following the above simple guide you have known about How To Delete Flipkart Order History.

On Flipkart website

  • Access Flipkart website and login to your account
  • From Homepage click on button with your account name
  • A popup window will be opened with options, one of the option is Orders
  • Click on Orders, you will see your complete order history.
  • Click on any of the particular order, it takes you to the Order details screen.
  • Click on Need help button in blue color
  • It will open a window with menu options
  • You can choose other or something else option
  • It will ask you type in your concern
  • Write your issue about deleting order history of that item
  • They will let you know the possibilities.

You can delete order history by contacting them over the telephone number provided in the website or mobile app. You can even mail them regarding this issue. They consider your issue and try to provide the solution according to service level agreements.

Other Ways to Delete Flipkart Order History

We can explore other methods to know about how to delete Flipkart order history

Flipkart Order History Can Be Deleted Via A Mobile App

  • Follow the steps described below to delete order history from Flipkart mobile app
  • Close the flipkart mobile app and exit from the app
  • Press and hold the flipkart app, it will open a popup
  • Tap on App info from the popup
  • Select Storage and cache
  • Click on Clear cache
  • Click on clear storage
  • It will open a confirm window to cancel or delete the data
  • Click on delete the data
  • It clears the order history and log out from the flipkart app.

Delete Flipkart Search History on Mobile App

In order to delete flipkart search history on a mobile app, you have to exit or close the application and follow the below steps to perform the activity.

  • Long press and hold on Flipkart app icon to open a popup
  • Click on App info option to open other options
  • Tap on Storage and Cache
  • Tap on clear cache
  • Tap on clear storage
  • Then it will open a window asking to confirm delete the data
  • Click on yes to delete search history on mobile app.

How to Delete Flipkart Account

On Flipkart Website

  • Login to your flipkart account on the website from the browser
  • Tap on Account name from the top bar from the home page, a popup will be opened. 
  • Click on my profile option
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page
  • Click on Deactivate account
  • It will open a window and the same time you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile 
  • You need enter the OTP
  • Click on Confirm Deactivation
  • In last minute if you change your mind even you can click on “No Let me stay”
  • Otherwise your account will be deactivated.
  • Keep note that once you deactivate your account, below things happen for your flipkart account.
  • You will be logged out of your flipkart account immediately
  • Your profile information is not visible
  • Your reviews and ratings still be visible
  • Your wishlist items are no longer accessible
  • You will be unsubscribed from flipkart notifications.
  • Your account data is not deleted and kept for reactivation purposes.

Things to Consider Before Deactivating Your Flipkart Account

Before deactivating your flipkart account you need to consider few important things which impacts your personal information, orders, returns and refunds

Account Information: Remove any sensitive information from the account before deactivating your account.

Verify Returns or Refunds: Verify if you have pending refunds from flipkart or any order delivery is in progress, any item you want to cancel. Wait for the activities to complete then go for account deactivation

Wallet Balance or Gift Cards: If have any balance amount in your flipkart wallet or unused gift cards, use them before proceeding to delete your account

Download Order Invoice: Download all invoices to your local device from your order history before account deactivation

Reactivating Your Flipkart Account

To reactivate your account you can use your previous email id or mobile number and password to login to your flipkart account. It will restore your account information and apply the default settings to your account. You will be subscribed to a promotional email automatically once you login to the account.

Reactivation can be done to the web version only.

FAQ About How To Delete Flipkart Order History

Q: Can I hide my order on Flipkart?
A: Flipkart does not allow its users to hide orders. There is no such feature in Flipkart. If you want to hide your order history from others you have to logout from your account on your mobile or flipkart online application. It is very important for flipkart to retain purchase or order history for all the customers for future reference.

Q: How do I delete my online shopping history?
A: You can delete your online shopping history from the order’s page. Click on the chat with us option and inform the customer care to delete your order history. They will verify your account and take action.

Q: Can I delete search history on Flipkart?
A: Yes, you can delete the search history on flipkart. You have to close the account, then press and hold on flipkart icon, it will open a popup, tap on App info, then click on storage and cache , then click on clear storage, it clears your search history.

Q: How can I delete my Flipkart account permanently?
A: Go to your profile page from home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find option as “Deactivate my account”, once you click on it, it will open a window and send the OTP to your mobile number, enter the otp and then click on confirm deactivation, then you will receive an email for the deactivation.

Q: How can I delete my Flipkart search history on mobile?
A: Search history can be deleted by going to app info and then clicking on storage and cache, then clicking on clear storage, it deletes the search history.

Q: How to delete flipkart order history in mobile?
A: You have to login to your account, then go to order history from the account menu, then you have to click on the product you want to hide, then tap on chat with us option, then you mention the issue there, helpdesk will delete the order history.

Q: How to delete canceled orders on flipkart?
A: It is not possible to delete canceled orders on Flipkart but you can always request flipkart help desk or customer care to delete any particular order history. 

The Bottom Line : How To Delete Flipkart Order History

You have gone through the steps of how to delete flipkart order history. So you may notice that there is no direct option given to customers by Flipkart to delete the order history. There are certain reasons such as to maintain record for future purposes, compliance and to avoid issues related to the order in the future. 

But the order history can be deleted by going to a specific product order and requesting a help desk to delete the order history of that particular product.

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