Ultimate Guide : How to Replace AirTag Battery

Are you wondering how to replace AirTag battery? AirTag battery replacement is simple and we can do it quickly at home with little care. No specific technical knowledge is required. We should know how to remove the battery from AirTag so that we can replace the old battery with new one immediately. It will start work immediately once the battery replacement is done.

The moment the AirTag battery is low, it will send the notifications to the iPhone.”Your Airtag battery is low and replace the battery soon”. When you observe such a notification on your iPhone regarding the low battery of AirTag then replace the drained battery with a new battery. You have to purchase always branded batteries for this purpose.

Battery replacement is a straightforward procedure and any one can do it from home. This article will explain how to replace AirTag battery safely and easily.

Which Batteries Are Used by an AirTag?

CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery is recommended to use for AirTag. Apple recommends bitterant-coated CR2032 batteries to avoid short circuits and battery, battery cover and AirTag may be a choking hazard and may cause injury to small children. Keep these things out of the reach of young kids.

Duracell 2032 Lithium Coin Battery with Bitter Coating can also be used to replace the old battery of AirTag. But always check for whether it has Bitter Coating. It is recommended to check whether the battery is compatible with AirTag or not. Some of them mention that the battery is compatible with AirTag. Sometimes CR2032 lithium batteries with bitterant coating may not work. Always check the battery before use.

CR2032 batteries with bittorrent coating available with most shops and online markets also.

How to Replace AirTag Battery

Before you replace the Airtag battery, be ready with a compatible battery and remove the AirTag from its case or keychain. Follow these steps to replace the AirTag’s CR2032 lithium battery.

  • Step 1: Remove the cover of Airtag
    • In order to remove the battery cover, your AirTag’s polished stainless steel battery cap can be rotated counterclockwise until it stops revolving by applying pressure on it.
  • Step 2: Remove the battery cover
    • Once you rotate the battery cover in counter clockwise, remove the battery cover 
  • Step 3 : Insert the new battery
    • Remove the old battery and replace the new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery with + sign side facing up.
  • Step 4 : Make sure new battery is connected
    • Once you fix the new battery, it will create a beep sound meaning the battery is properly connected.
  • Step 5 : Put stainless steel cover back
    • Now put the stainless steel cover back to its original place and rotate it clockwise until it is fixed.

Understanding AirTag Battery Life

AirTag is uses CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery AirTag battery is designed to last for a year but it vary based on its usage and depends on various factors also. AirTag’s power sourced by CR2032 battery. It is recommended always use genuine batteries recommended by Apple. These AirTag batteries small in size and round shape items may cause injury for kids. Do not use features which consume more power and reduce the battery capacity and lifespan.

So the battery replacement is done. Now you have to check whether it’s working or not. For that you have to go to find my app and tap on the items tab to check for AirTag battery and make sure that there is no low battery symbol. Generally AirTag ’s battery works for one year without any problem.


Q: Can AirTag batteries be replaced?
A: Yes, AirTag batteries can be replaced easily. It is a simple and easy process one can  do at their home. You need to purchase Airtag compatible CR2032 lithium 3V coin batteries from the local store and replace the old battery.

Q: How long does AirTag battery last?
A: AirTag battery lasts for a year, sometimes it may work for more than a year also. If the battery works then only AirTag works and you can able to identify where your tagged accessories are.

Q: What happens when AirTag battery dies?
A: When Airtag battery dies, you will receive a notification on your iPhone saying that “Your Airtag battery is low and replace the battery soon”. So this is the indication to replace your AirTag’s battery.

Q: Can AirTag battery be recharged?
A: Airtag runs on standard batteries that last for a year. You can not recharge the battery but you can replace the battery.

Q: Do Duracell batteries work in AirTags?
A: In new Duracell batteries, there is some coating on top of the battery so it will not work.

Q: How do I know if AirTag battery is low?
A: When the battery is low, it will send a notification to your iPhone. You can check my app for the battery status. If it shows a low battery, then better you replace the Airtag battery.

Q: Do AirTags work without wifi?
A: AirTags do not connect to wifi. They establish a connection through bluetooth. 

Q: Is AirTag waterproof?
A: Airtag is not waterproof but water resistant. 

Q: Are AirTags worth it?
A: AirTags are really worth it. Because it will help you in finding lost ones. You can keep track of your accessories with the help of AirTag.

Q: Why is my AirTag beeping?
A: It may be an indication of low battery, or separation from the iPhone.


AirTag battery replacement is simple process. This article explained about how to replace Airtag battery in easy steps. It is always better to increase battery life by customizing device settings to minimize the battery transmissions and reducing the frequency of location updates. Users avoid enabling the features which drain the battery fast.

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