Date of Birth In Words: A Complete Guide

You might have come across writing date of birth in words in application forms or school admission forms. It may create confusion while writing about how to write date of birth in words. This is a common practice for application forms to write date of birth in words.

If you are filling any application form to apply for government service or filling an admission form to the school or college, you might have seen the date of birth in the form. Whether it is an online application form or hard copy of the application form you have to enter your date of birth.

Along with asking date of birth in numbers in the application forms, you may need to fill the date of birth in words in separate fields provided and it is mandatory.

In this blog post we will discuss how to write date of birth in words and the rules to follow when you write, understanding the reason behind it. So we can avoid mistakes if we have complete knowledge of this particular topic.

Reasons Behind Writing Date of Birth In Words

There are various reasons to write the birthdate in words in addition to numbers, but the main ones are related to clarity, avoid mistakes and legal requirements.

Such reasons to write date of birth in words for clarity, legal requirements purpose or may be for formality.

In human life, dates play a significant role from birth. Dates are noted for every milestone of Joy, sorrow and everything in between. Imagine the magic of the date of birth which narrates the story of our arrival on to the earth.

Understanding and Clarity : Writing date of birth in words in addition to numbers provides more clarity and understanding in cases where numerical format creates confusion. Few people may not know about writing date of birth in number formats or they are not aware of conventions used to write date of birth, so they can write the date of birth in words that can convey the date clearly.

Formal Procedure :  Expressing date of birth in words sometimes represents formality and tradition. Writing date of birth in words in certificates, documents, official records not only gives clarity but follows the standards and traditions.

Legal and Administrative Purposes: There may be a requirement to express date of birth in words for legal and administrative purposes. It avoids ambiguity, and confusion. Passports, date of birth certificates, driver licenses, academic certificates, required to mention date of birth in words as a regulatory standard.

Writing date of birth in words serves as a tradition or standard. It makes communication easy in understanding the words along with numbers. When the verification is done for date of birth proofs, for applying jobs, or at the time of  joining the job, to get the school admissions, to avail government services, date of birth in number and words will be verified.

The case where you have written the wrong date of birth in numbers but might have written correctly in words, will be corrected immediately when some other person verifies it while submitting the document.

How to Write Date of Birth In Words?

When a date is written in words, letters are used to represent the date rather than numerals.
Before you write the date of birth in words you should understand format and conventions

For example In India date of birth format is DD/MM/YYYY numerical form. Date of birth order is Date, Month, and Year and in words also it can be written in the same way.

The below information can be useful when you write date of birth in words

  • We have to use an ordinal number for the date in words. (e.g. second, third,etc..)
  • Month name is written immediately after day (e.g. January, February)
  • Year is written after Day and Month (e.g. Two thousand twenty four)

Ultimately, date of birth 03/01/2024 in words would be – Third January Two thousand twenty four.

A List Of Ordinal Numbers In Words That Can Be Utilized For Word Date of Birth

The below table indicates the ordinal indicator for each number from number 1 to digit 31. We can use these indicators or words when writing date of birth in words in applications or documents.

Ordinal NumberOrdinal Indicator
4 to 20th
24 to 30th

Ordinal Figures in Words for the First 31 Dates of Birth

Ordinal NumberIn Text Format

Formats for Common Dates in Words

Date of Birth FormatExample
Day-Month-Year1 January, 2024
Month-Day-YearJanuary 1 2024

A Few Examples of a date of birth in words

The below table provides more examples on how to write date of birth in words.

For example A date of birth 04/12/2006 can be written as in words Fourth December Two Thousand Six.

DOB in FiguresDate Of Birth In words
18/11/2008Eighteenth  November Two thousand Eight
12/07/2010Twelfth July Two thousand Ten
19/09/1999Nineteenth September Nineteen hundred ninety-nine
15/01/2001Fifteenth January Two thousand one
30/10/2020Thirtieth October Two thousand twenty
01/01/2004First January Two thousand Four
31/06/2006Thirty-first June Two thousand Six
09/04/2008Ninth April two thousand Eight
14/11/1998Fourteenth November nineteen hundred ninety-eight
17/03/2010Seventeenth March two thousand ten

Various Formats for Putting Your Birthdate in Words

Depending on regional language preferences and cultural customs, writing a person’s date of birth in words can change. But the month, day, and year are usually included in the general format. The following are several formats in which you can write a date of birth in words

Depending on the country, the date of birth format can be changed.

MM-DD-YYYY (Month – Day – Year)

Few countries such as the United States, Canada use the Month Date Year format to represent the date of birth. For ex: March 4th 2024 can be represented as March 1 2023

DD-MM-YYYY (Day – Month – Year)

In India, Canada  Day month Year format is used to represent date of birth.
For ex: March 4th 2024 can be represented as 1 March 2023

YYYY-MM-DD(Year – Month – Day)

In a few other countries YYYY-MM-DD is used to represent the date of birth. 

Writing Styles: Formal versus Informal

When you write the date of birth, you have to always write the full month name and ordinal number (st,nd, rd, ) for date and year. For example : March 4th 2024 is the formal way of writing date of birth using full month name, ordinal number for date, and year. This can be used in formal representations, but informally you can write as March 1 2023, it is less formal.

Additional Tips for Writing Date of Birth in Words

Full Month Name with Capitalization : Month name starts with capital letter and write full month name. For example : January, February,  and so on..

Ordinal Numbers for Day:  When you write day of the month it is essential to use an ordinal indicator related to date. For example : First instead of 1st, Second instead of 2nd etc..

Write Full Year: Write the full year. Write the words for full year digits. For example : Nineteen Ninety Four for 1994,  or “Two Thousand Twenty-Four” for 2024.

Compound Words with Hyphens : Use hyphens when writing the words. For example: Twenty-Twenty or Twenty-One Hundred.

Use comma to separate the Day and Year: Write the comma to separate the day and year of date of birth. For example : March First, Two Thousand Twenty Three.

Check for Consistency:  Follow the consistency while writing date of birth in words. Throughout the document follow the same format for consistency to avoid confusion.

Simple Errors to Avoid When Writing Your Date of Birth in Words

When writing the date of birth in words, it is important  to avoid some common mistakes which can lead to confusion. Here are some mistakes to note for.

Avoid using Abbreviations: It is recommended to avoid abbreviations when writing date of birth in words. Write the full name of the month and use ordinals for dates. For ex: Write January instead of Jan.

Improper Capitalization : When writing date of birth in words always begin the month name with capital letter and first letter of ordinal also should be in capital letters. For ex: February, First

Ignoring the Year : Do not ignore the year when writing the date of birth in words. Always include year along with date and month. If you omit the year, it makes the date of birth incomplete.

Inconsistent Formatting: Maintain consistency in the formatting of the date of birth. Use the same format and style throughout the document to avoid confusion. For example: Do not switch between  March 5th 2024 and 5th March 2024.

Commas In The Wrong Place: When writing the date of birth, be mindful of where the commas go. The day, month, and year should be separated with commas. Let’s say “March 1, 2004.”

Incorrect Spelling of the Months: Ensure to write month spelling correctly. Spelling mistakes, typos can lead to misunderstandings. For example : Feburary instead of February.

Example of Date of Birth in Words : 2024

Date of Birth in Words for 2024

Two thousand twenty four is the written form for 2024. If someone was born in 2024 then their date of birth in words is written as follows.

On the fifth of March Two thousand twenty four, “X” was born.

In the above example Fifth is the ordinal used for day of the month, March is used for month and Two thousand twenty four for year in words.


Q: Can I write dates in words using abbreviations?
A: You can abbreviate for the months, but ensure to use them correctly. For example : Jan instead of January.

Q: When expressing dates in words, how can I use ordinal indicators?
A: You can use ordinal when writing in words. Use an ordinal after the day. For example : March 1st 2024.

Q: Which format is most frequently used when writing dates in words?
A: It depends on the country and as per their traditions and customs they use the format for writing date of births. In the US they use Month-Day-Year and in India Date-Month-Year is used.

Q: Why is it crucial to write dates in whole words?
A: It is important because if you write the date of birth in words it avoids mistakes and provides accuracy and completeness.

Q: How do you write the date in words?
A: If your date of birth is on 5 January 2024 or 5th January 2024, then in words it is written as fifth January two thousand twenty four.

Q: Which date format is used in India?
A: DD/MM/YYYY format is used in India to represent the date of birth.

Q: What is British date format?
A: They use Day Month Year format. 5 March 2024, 05/04/2024, 


This article provides a detailed explanation about how to write date of birth in words. Use ordinals when you write the day of the month in date of birth. As discussed, different countries use different formats. Avoid common errors and use capital letters in the beginning, commas, hyphen wherever it is required. If you follow this guide, it will ensure you write date of birth in words correctly.

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