Mastering How To Send Mail To WhatsApp: Simple Guide

In today’s advanced digital world, technology makes communication, information exchange easier for everyone. One such technology innovation is the WhatsApp application, which revolutionized instant communication in this digital era. 

Gone are the days of sending email through traditional mail applications which is not convenient for many reasons. The applications are not simple to use and not everyone gets used to composing mail and sending it to receivers.

Today I will explain a simple solution of sending email to WhatsApp directly by avoiding the time consuming way of sending it using traditional mail applications. This article explains step by step on How To Send mail To WhatsApp.

What Does Email Forwarding to WhatsApp Mean?

If you want to share the email to someone quickly, then instead of sending over the mail, sending it on WhatsApp to the receiver, then they can quickly read the message through the notifications without even opening the WhatsApp application thus saving lots of time to both sender and receiver.

Sending the message or mail to WhatsApp groups at a time instead of sending email, message reaches to all the participants and can read the message.

How To Send Email To WhatsApp Application

Sending email to WhatsApp depends on the format of message or message content type. If it is a simple text content, then you can copy the text and paste it in the WhatsApp chat box to the intended recipient. 

If the content type is audio, video, any document , first you have to download the file or transfer the file to your smartphone, then you have to open your WhatsApp chat box and attach the file and click on send to the recipient.

There are 2 ways to send email messages to WhatsApp irrespective of mobile platforms Android, IOS. Let’s discuss each method clearly.

  1. Copy & Paste method
  2. Print Option

Method 1 : Making use of the Copy & Paste method

This method is very simple and forwards messages quickly to the receiver. Copy and Paste are well known terms in the digital world and this method uses copy and paste options.

  • Step 1: Open the Gmail or any email application on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Navigate to inbox and tap on the message you want to share on WhatsApp
  • Step 3: Long press the first word and select the whole message by dragging it and copy the whole message.
  • Step 4: Launch the WhatsApp application in your device, select the recipient where you want to forward the email.
  • Step 5: Long press in the message box and paste the message.
  • Step 6: Tap on the send icon to send it to the recipient.

Method 2 : Making Use of the Print Option

Converting the text into PDF format is another option so that format will be maintained after forwarding the email also. Some mails contain different formats which if we can send after converting to PDF, at the receiver’s end also it can be readable and same format maintained.

  • Step 1 : Open the email application
  • Step 2 : Go to in inbox within the mail application, open the message you want to share over WhatsApp
  • Step 3: You can find three dots in the top right corner in the message and select it.
  • Step 4: Select the print option from the popup
  • Step 5: Tap on Save as PDF option from the top
  • Step 6: Choose the download button to save the file to the smartphone.
  • Step 7: Open WhatsApp application, and go the chat box where you want to send the document
  • Step 8: Select attachment icon in the bottom right corner, choose document
  • Step 9: Select the pdf document you want to send, and choose the send icon in the top right corner.

How Do I Forward Attachments from Emails to WhatsApp on a Mobile Device?

If you wish to forward an email attachment from Gmail to a mobile WhatsApp conversation, the process is quite simple! This is the method to follow:

  • Step 1: Launch the mail application on your smartphone
  • Step 2: Open the mail with attachment by going to inbox
  • Step 3: Download the attachment to your mobile device
  • Step 4: Launch the WhatsApp application on the same device
  • Step 5: Tap on the chat you want to send attachment to your intended recipient
  • Step 6: Choose the attachment icon in bottom right corner
  • Step 7: Tap on Document option and select the file you want to forward from the files
  • Step 8: Click on send button from the top right corner

How Can I Send Text Emails to My Desktop WhatsApp Account?

On a PC, the text of an email message can also be forwarded to WhatsApp. Open the email client that you usually use to access your email on your computer.

For the duration of this guide, we will be utilizing Gmail. Given this, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Go to the mail client from any of the web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge etc..)
  2. Open the mail you want to send
  3. Highlight the whole mail text and copy it using mouse or keyboard
  4. Open WhatsApp web application or WhatsApp application on your desktop or system
  5. Go to the chat for which you want to send an email
  6. Paste the message in the chat box
  7. Click on send icon or hit the enter key

How Can I Send Attachments From My Email to WhatsApp From My Desktop?

Using your PC to send email attachments makes the process much simpler. The following actions should be taken.

  1. Go to the email client from any of your favorite web browsers.
  2. Open the email that contains attachment
  3. Download the attachment to your computer
  4. Open the WhatsApp application or web WhatsApp on your desktop
  5. Open the chat to which you want to forward the attachments
  6. Click the attachment icon from the below message box
  7. Choose the attachment you want to send
  8. Click on green arrow button from bottom right corner

Why To Use WhatsApp for Email Sending?

Sending emails over WhatsApp looks surprising and interesting. This is a different way of sending email over WhatsApp to the recipient.

Traditional ways of sending emails using different mail applications like Gmail, Rediff mail, Yahoo mail are required to have access to the internet. One requires an mail client to access the mail or need web browser to access over the Internet and needs to login to the mail account.

This is a simple process to use WhatsApp to send emails. Most of the people are always connected to WhatsApp. When a mail is sent over WhatsApp, the recipient gets immediate notifications so that they can read the message.

Some Advantages of Sending Email to WhatsApp

Immediate Delivery: Sending email to WhatsApp makes communication instantly and reaches the recipient quickly. Your message will be delivered in real time and you may see acknowledgement also in the form read receipts in WhatsApp. A lot of confusion will be avoided about , whether your message is delivered or not.

Quick Response: Sending email to WhatsApp reaches the intended recipient immediately and the receiver gets the notification and may read the message as soon as he receives it. So you may get an immediate response without delay. That is very handy when you expect a response from them or some urgent mail needs to be sent to them.

Businesses Directly Interact With Users: It is very helpful for businesses that they can send weekly or monthly updates and newsletters  directly to their WhatsApp users.

How to Use Outlook to Send Emails to WhatsApp

  • Step 1 : Launch the Outlook application and open your email.
  • Step 2 : Tap on more option placed in the top right corner.
  • Step 3 : Select Print conversation from the options and then choose Print.
  • Step 4 : Tap on Print again to open up different options for mail sharing.
  • Step 5 : Select WhatsApp application and choose your contact to send a message.
  • Step 6 : Choose Contact and click Send once you are done.

How To Send A Pdf File From WhatsApp To Email

  • Step 1 : Open WhatsApp application
  • Step 2 : Navigate to chat window from that, identify a pdf file you want send to email
  • Step 3 : Select the PDF file
  • Step 4 : Tap on three dots from top right corner
  • Step 5: Select Share Option
  • Step 6: Select the mail application from the options
  • Step 7: It attaches the file to the mail client and takes you to the mail compose window within the app.
  • Step 8: Type the to mail address and tap on send button.

Some of the Benefits of Texting an Email to WhatsApp Instead of Mailing

Effectiveness: Sending Email to WhatsApp works efficiently and instantly. You can see whether the recipient received the message and read it or not. It gives mental peace and satisfaction that the mail you sent over WhatsApp has reached the recipient and they read it.

Helps in Reaching Larger Audience: Not everyone gets used to Email apps and few don’t even know how to use email applications to send and receive the mails. But WhatsApp has a wider reach and larger audience base so the email you send over WhatsApp reaches a high user base immediately and mostly users read the message on WhatsApp.

Fast Delivery and Immediate Acknowledgement: WhatsApp platform provides fast delivery of mails and you can even know whether your recipient read the message or not. Because the moment you share the mail over WhatsApp it sends notifications to the recipient immediately.

Convenience and Accessibility : Many people use WhatsApp as their primary messaging service so sending emails over WhatsApp allows recipients to receive messages through a platform they are already using frequently.

Encryption and Security:  WhatsApp messaging platform is end to end encrypted and provides a secure communication channel for sharing personal and professional emails.

Multimedia Support: WhatsApp provides rich communication experience to its users by providing support not only to text messages or mails but also users share rich content like images, videos, voice messages and documents.


Q: How to send email to WhatsApp on android?
A: There are 2 options like print option, copy, paste option are available as discussed in the article and it works irrespective of platform(android, iOS) being used.

Q: Can I link my email to WhatsApp?
A: Yes, it is possible. But a mobile number is mandatory to have an account on WhatsApp. In order to add an email account to WhatsApp, you can do so by going to Account settings and clicking on Email address.

Q: How do I contact WhatsApp customer service?
A:  There is an option within the WhatsApp application installed on your phone, that you can access from your WhatsApp application by going to Settings – Help – Contact Us and you can visit this page to get support details.

Q: How do I send an email from Gmail?
A: You can send an email from Gmail using the above methods discussed in this article using print option or copy and paste option.

Q: How to send an excel file via WhatsApp?
A: Irrespective of the format of the file you can send any type of file via WhatsApp by tapping on attachment option in the WhatsApp chat box from bottom right corner.


Using WhatsApp to share emails is an effective option nowadays since WhatsApp has a large user base across and works seamlessly. Almost everyone has a WhatsApp account and accesses WhatsApp very frequently.

There are few uses as discussed in this article like instant delivery, simple sharing, wider reach and immediate acknowledgement makes WhatsApp stand out in the crowd to send mails over the traditional way of using mail applications.

Overall the ability to send emails to WhatsApp offers convenience, flexibility, and enhanced communication capabilities for personal and professional use cases.

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