Explore The 11 Best Short Video Apps in India

Finding the best short video apps among thousands of short video apps on play store is not a simple task. There are many short video apps which mostly have a common goal to engage users with their unique features.

Features drive the users to download the short video apps on their smartphone. First impressions enable users to download the apps but if those are not practically useful when users actually want to use them in real life, then users uninstall them immediately.

This goes on, till users find the best video apps which are designed and developed to offer and fulfill various user needs.

This article tries to jump into the short video apps world, and pick the best short video apps suitable for you and have necessary features and enables the users to upload their videos quickly and publish the videos to the public immediately.

Advantages of Short Video Apps

In today’s digital era, millions of users have a reach to smartphones and they are connected to the internet 24 by 7. Movies,OTT, YouTube apps are not enough for the younger generation and they want to enjoy the content as well as they want to create content for which they need attention from the outside world.

To create content and publish that content to a wider audience, they need a platform which should effectively work and showcase their skills to the digital world. Here they need short video apps to present their skills.

Short video apps are not only useful for regular content creators but it is a great platform for aspiring artists to make this their profession and grow their career.

Few advantages of short video apps are listed here.

Platform For Encouraging Innovation In The Digital Age By Providing Necessary Features:

Short video apps provide the platform where users can create content with innovative skills and upload the content to the platform without much restrictions. This definitely encourages the users to create more such content and take the advantage of platforms easily accessible user interfaces and app specific unique features.

Platform For High User Engagement With Captivating Content With Single Click On The Go:

Short video apps emerged as winners in the present video centric world with tons of stunning videos and eye captivating visuals than other apps . These apps have a very basic and clean user interface to access the content with a single click. Users may immerse within the app with unlimited free quality regional and global content by forgetting the surroundings.

Ease Of Creation With Simple User Friendly Interface:

Short video apps provide clean user interface and simple video editing tools to create and upload videos. Users can record, edit and share the videos directly from their smartphones removing the need of complex editing tools and softwares.

Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms And Global Users:

Short video apps promote content creation by providing the platform for anyone with a smartphone to showcase their talent, creativity and ideas. This accessibility allows users from different backgrounds to express themselves and share their stories with a global audience.

Grab A Large User Base By Offering A Platform For Versatile Content:

Short video apps accommodate wide range content genres and formats including comedy, dance, music, tutorials and storytelling etc.. This versatility allows users to explore their interests, discover new talents, and participate in trending challenges and hashtags.

Short Video Apps Offer Career Opportunities :

For many aspiring artists, influencers and content creators short video apps provide recognition, monetization and career advancement.

Through sponsorships, brand partnerships, advertising revenues, creators can turn their passion to profit and follow opportunities within the digital world.

Instant Feedback And Interaction With Audience :

Short video apps provide real time feedback from their audience and other content creators. Creators can check the user response to their content, make the videos according to audience feedback and gain more audience.

Provides Entertainment And Inspiration:

Short video apps provide a source of entertainment  and inspiration for users seeking a moment of joy and laughter in their daily lives.

Best Short Video Apps In India

From small towns to metropolitan cities, creators take advantage of short video platforms to share their stories, elevate their voices and challenge the limitations of mainstream media.

In fact, the attractiveness of short video apps comes from their capacity to promote free content creation, allowing anyone with a smartphone and a story to become a digital celebrity.

Every video, whether it’s a guide on traditional cooking methods or a beautiful and touching song penned down in the peaceful hours of the night, has powers to touch the hearts, inspire conversations and inspire change.

Despite the abundance of content, one cannot ignore the obstacles and controversies that have affected the short video industry. Data privacy, content moderation are major issues. Platforms and policy makers must emphasize on openness, accountability and user safety.

But in the present market there are oceans of such short video apps, which one is best used for them, which app offers best and unique features, most of the users are not aware of the apps.

Follow the list of best short video apps

YouTube Shorts

The ability to make and share short videos straight within the YouTube platform is provided by a relatively new feature called YouTube Shorts. Conceptually, these quick films are comparable to what can be found on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat Spotlight, among other short video sites.

Key Features Of Youtube Shorts Include:

15-60 Second Short Videos: YouTube shorts are brief and vertical videos typically range from 15 to 60 seconds in length. This short format makes them easy to consume and share on other social media platforms.

Creation and Editing Tools: With the help of the many creativity tools available in the Shorts camera, users can record, edit, and improve their videos right on the YouTube mobile app. Text overlays, music, filters, and speed controls are a few examples of these tools.

Licensed Music Catalog: Users can access a vast library of licensed music and sound tracks to enhance the short videos. YouTube has agreements with major music production companies to provide a wide range of popular songs for creators to use within their videos.

Explore Shorts Tab: YouTube features a shorts tab within the mobile app where users can discover and explore short videos from across the platform. This allows creators to reach a broader audience and gain more engaged users.

User Engagement Features: YouTube Shorts feature provides many features to users to interact with shorts videos by liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing to channels directly from the shorts player. Creators can also respond to comments and interact with the audience in real time.

Monetization opportunities: YouTube Shorts videos content creators can earn money by placing ads in between videos. YouTube shorts have separate monetization policies which will explain eligibility for monetization.


The Indian social media network ShareChat created the short video app Moj. In July 2020, Moj was introduced in response to TikTok’s ban in India. With features similar to TikTok, but aimed at domestic users, it became popular very fast as a platform for making and sharing short films. Moj app is available in 15 Indian languages and it is the most popular short video sharing app in India.

Key Features Of The Moj App Include:

15 Seconds to 1 Minute Length Videos: Moj allows users to create and share short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute length. Users can use their smartphones to record videos, edit the video, use filters, add music to their videos to enhance their content.

Vast Music Library: Moj has a vast music library which contains audio clips, sound effects and music tracks which users can add to their videos to make videos more interesting. This extensive music enables creators to personalize their content, engage with trending songs and sounds.

Video Editing Tools: Moj offers video editing tools for the creators to edit their videos to bring them a professional look. This platform provides tools for trimming, merging, applying stickers, and adding text overlays.

Trends and Challenges: Moj features trends and challenges that users can participate in to gain more views and better reach. These challenges can be lip syncing, dancing, comedy skits and more.

Live Streaming : Moj creators can do live streaming to create and share the videos in real time. Audiences can engage with creators and their videos by liking, sharing, commenting or sharing virtual gifts.

Moj Mints: Mint is a virtual currency introduced by Moj for their content creators. They will be rewarded with Mints and that will be credited to their Moj wallets. Mints can be transferred to their bank accounts. 2 mints is equal to 1 rupee.

Virtual Gifts: Moj features virtual gifts which are given by users to their favorite creators to encourage them. The values of virtual gifts are reflected in the form of mints in their Moj wallet.

Monetization: Moj provides monetization for the creators for their videos using MFC select feature. There are certain eligibility criteria which creators should follow to monetize their content.

MX TakaTak: 

MX TakaTak is a short video creation and sharing app developed by MX Media & Entertainment.

It has gained popularity in India as a homegrown alternative to Tik Tok after it was banned in India.

Key Features Of Mx Takatak Include:

This application allows you to explore all the trending videos with a single swipe. You can discover and watch fun and hot videos that are trending all over India. It is designed with a smooth user interface which gives a rich look for the app and provides a great experience to the users. The videos can be shared across all other social media platforms.

For the creators, it provides video editing tools which creators can use to edit their videos in their own way. There is a beauty cam which you can use to apply filters and beauty effects using your creative side to make your video more stunning.

MX TakaTak enables you to create story videos from images, you can pick and merge up to 9 images to make a story. It also contains a music library which can be helpful in adding audio to videos.


Josh is a short video sharing app developed by VerSe Innovation Pvt Ltd, an Indian technology company. Josh app has gained popularity in India for video creation and sharing. It offers a variety of content to viewers and a platform for creators to make short videos.

Josh app is available in 12 Indian languages. Once you download and install the app, you can watch the videos without signing up. You just need to set your language preference. 

You can create a video of any genre whether its a humor, fun, song, lip syncing video, skit anything. Upload to the platform and modify the video using built in video editing tools to gain attention from viewers.


If you are a content creator, eager to show your creative and innovative talent through short videos, this platform is the right place for you. Chingari is a short video content creation app where you can upload the videos, edit, beautify and share to the public on this platform.

There are multiple video recording options available for creators, you can adjust the speed of video recording using Speed option, Timer option is used to set timer just before video recording begins.

Josh has become one of the most popular short video applications in India, drawing in millions of users and content producers who want to use short movies as a way to express themselves, engage with others, and show off their skills.


Roposo is a one of the video sharing platforms in India. Attracting millions of users and content creators to connect and express themselves. Roposo has multiple channels and different category content on its platform.

Roposo has a very basic interface and with a single click you can access the camera to record video. It also has many builtin video editing features to edit the content and upload the videos.


An Indian company called Mohalla Tech Private Limited created the social media network ShareChat. It is intended to let users in India produce, find, and share information in a variety of regional languages. In 2015, Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan founded ShareChat.

ShareChat has multi language support from most of the Indian languages so users can create content and consume in multiple Indian languages. This allows users to connect and consume videos from different language backgrounds.

ShareChat has an instant messaging feature that enables users to send messages instantly and maintain communication with other Sharechat users on a regular basis. Chat feature allows to send not only text messages but also share files to connect with family and friends.


Zilli is an application which allows users to create mini videos and share it on the platform. This app mainly focuses on content sharing and brings amusement to its users to feed different short videos based on their preferences.

Users who like making and watching short films for inspiration and amusement have come to love Zili. The app maintains its position as a major participant in the crowded market for short video apps as it develops and adds more users.


An app called Likee allows users to create and share short videos. It was created by Singapore-based BIGO Technologies. With an emphasis on fun, creativity, and community involvement, Likee lets users create, share, and find short films.

Likee has grown in popularity among users all around the world, especially with younger viewers that like watching and making short films for inspiration and amusement. The app maintains its position as a major participant in the crowded market for short video apps as it develops and adds more users.


A software called Dubsmash for smartphones lets users make and share short videos, or “dubs.” Daniel Taschik, Roland Grenke, and Jonas Drüppel developed it. Due to its ability to lip-synch famous statements, songs, or movie lines over pre-recorded audio snippets, Dubsmash became incredibly popular.


Short-form videos can be made and shared via Triller, a smartphone app and social networking platform. Sammy Rubin and David Leiberman introduced it in 2015. Triller’s emphasis on music-driven content and its intuitive interface, which makes it simple for users to produce videos with a polished appearance, helped it become well-known.


Q: Which is the best short video app?
A: YouTube shorts is the best short video app as per my opinion. It is available within the you tube application and no separate app is required to install.

Q: What is the most popular short form video app?
A: Moj is the second most liked app by most of the Indian users.

Q: Which Indian short video app gives money?
A: Most of the apps discussed in the article have monetization features with their own eligibility. In order to earn money from these apps, users have to follow the eligibility rules defined by the apps.

Q: Which is the hot short video app in India?
A: Share Chat is one of the popular and hot short video app available in India.


In the end, the apps discussed in this article have provided a platform for the content creators to create video, upload and publish it for the general audience. At the same time they can monetize the video content to earn some money through these apps. These apps are the best destinations for the general audience to explore and discover the videos according to their interests.

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