Is Instagram Worth It? Exploring Its Real Value

In a world where colors rule the content, graphics speak of themselves, Instagram attraction makes individuals and businesses equal. A digital canvas decorated with stories, moments, captivating visuals. A place where connections crossed boundaries, trends made wonders.

But amidst this beautiful digital panorama a question comes: Is Instagram worth it?

Behind a glittering appearance there are numerous view points. For some it’s a game changer, a gateway to success. For others it’s not only a  mysterious object, impossible to understand but a wide range of opportunities and challenges.

Join me as we move through the heights and depths of Instagram’s digital world, exploring its attraction, its influence and a question: is Instagram worth it?

Is Instagram Worth It?

Let’s explore a few strongest factors which drive users to Instagram to showcase their creativity  and gain some value in return from the followers.

Imagine a crowded market place where billions gather each with a story to tell, a brand to showcase, an experience to share. It is not only a platform, a vibrant place with stunning grids, tons of creativity, entrepreneurship, personal expression. From extremely impressive product showcases to unfiltered, raw pictures of daily life, Instagram paints a story collage.

Is Instagram worth it? Instagram continues to retain its position as a top contender in the social media world. With the growing customer base, Instagram has reached 2 billion monthly active users across the world and just behind Facebook that is having 3 billion monthly active users as of December 2023.

As per one of the reports Instagram is still the most widely used application by youngsters. It is not only for shoppers but it’s a great place for content creators, marketers, companies, personal brands, businesses who want to connect, display, engage, convince and showcase their content and increase their sales.

As per Statista reports Instagram is far more influential than LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. 80% global marketers used Instagram to market their products in 2022 that is enough to understand how wide the reach this platform has.

Large User base:

With ever growing user base it has full strength to promote your content to 2 billion users maximum if you have quality content with stunning visuals. It’s all depends on you how well you craft your content , what strategy you follow to reach diverse demographics.

Appealing Content :

It mainly focuses on visual content with captions. Short length messages with stunning visuals convey content to a wider audience. Visual content makes it perfect to promote branding and market products.

Engagement features:

Instagram has different user engagement features to highlight video content. Reels, Stories, IGTV and Live sessions offer various engagement features to interact with users and followers in creative ways.

Business Opportunities:

Instagram business tools like reels, creators, inspires content creators to write engaging content about their products and services, insights provides information about growth of followers and demographics. Business tools empower businesses, brands in selling their products by reaching more audiences and knowing about their followers and analyzing the performance.

Building Connections:

It is an excellent platform to improve connections with audiences by interacting with them through live videos, posts, reels, stories with engaging content. Instagram sends more feeds to followers  who they like . So it allows us to establish personal branding, improve connections and build community with like minded followers or customers.

Influencer Collaboration:

For businesses, it is easy to discover influencers to collaborate  in their niche to promote their products and services and increase in sales and revenues.

Still if you are confused, Is Instagram really worth our time? It is very subjective to your goals.

If you are a student and have clear goals about your future, it is not for you. Do not waste your time by taking selfies and posting on instagram daily, that  won’t help you to reach your goal, rather it wastes a lot of your valuable time.

Invest your time in reading books and learning something new and enhance your skills that gradually put you away from this platform in case you are spending much time on it.

If you are a struggling entrepreneur, first come up with a good strategy to build your business. Completely spending time on Instagram will not bring expected results because it is highly competitive. Using other mediums along with Instagram definitely helps you grow your business.

What Is Instagram Used For?

Instagram is basically a visual content sharing platform. You can post colorful photos, write short captions to it. Post your life events, daily activities like from the moment you wake up in the morning till you sleep in the night.

Using Instagram is really valuable if you have a business and find customers to improve your sales and have a strategy to give publicity to your products and services to wider demographics.

If you are individual and interested in blogging and want to showcase your content to engage the audience then this is for you to bring more views to your blog and divert your followers to your blog to increase the traffic.

Instagram can be used as a tool to show creativity and skills. Advantage is if you have some time daily then create some interesting material about the post on your blog and add your blog link in bio and post it on Instagram. Definitely you will see an increase in blog traffic.

Artists can share creative artistic images on Instagram with intriguing captions that attract more users to your post. If this creates some value to them they start to follow you. Instagram shows more of your posts in their feed. So you will engage them with your content.

Whatever niche you select, if you maintain some frequency in posting with quality content , you can expect growth in followers that creates your personal brand with a huge follower base.

Once you become an Instagram influencer, businesses come to you to promote their products. You can earn something and collaborators can increase their sales and even users get quality service by following. So it benefits everyone.

Learn more about How to do personal blogging on Instagram for business by following this link. That article provides more insights about the topic and learns more about how to create a blog on Instagram .

Benefits of Instagram for Business Use

Zero Investment:

Instagram is a free image, text and video sharing social media platform. If you have a business and want to introduce it on Instagram platform you just need to create a business account and start posting it.

If you have innovative ideas and thought processes about how to grow your business and attract some sales through Instagram then just implement it. Make a team to create content or you can create and post it.

Instagram is a social media platform and a part of digital marketing that can be used to advertise business products digitally. Social media platforms enable businesses to reach their customers from their office directly to customers’ homes.

Before the arrival of digital marketing, businesses used to use physical forms of advertising like brochures, TV ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, radio ads, etc.. But now digital marketing also evolved and facilitates various types of marketing digitally.

Having said that there are certain challenges and opportunities in using digital marketing to market the businesses and their products.

If you want to spend money to advertise your business you need to spend money but without spending money also you can advertise your products on Instagram freely by creating a large follower base.

Build Trust:

It takes a lot of hard work and patience to establish trust. It can’t be achieved in one day. Trust building activity is very important if you are expecting returns for a longer time. You need to post about your products regularly with authentic information on your Instagram wall. 

Ask customers feedback and share their feedback directly on Instagram. Customers believe the feedback of other fellow customers and start to follow your brand. Frequent interactions with customers through live video or reels or stories also work to explain about the products.

Frequent interactions through Instagram additional features stories, reels, live video chat increases connections with new customers. Responding to their questions and comments will boost their confidence about the products.

Showcase Your Business:

Instagram is an excellent social media platform with a 2 billion audience. 60% of total  Instagram users are between 18 to 34 age group. If your target audience falls in the above age range then Instagram platform is best for your business.

Create an attractive bio page which best describes your business mission and products. Include your website link in the bio page. It is the only page where you can show your page link.

Establish Branding:

Clearly define your business identity, mission, values about your brand products, how they provide value to customers, privacy policies, terms & conditions about usage. It guides content strategy and engagement approach.

Use appealing and unique themes that should represent your brand, use branded hashtags, collaborate with influencers to increase your reach, run contests, analyze performance using Instagram insights to establish your branding.

Increase Visitors To Your Website:

Create high quality visual content with innovative captions to engage the visitors. By adding your link in the bio page, attract more users if your posts provide some value to the followers.

Bio page gives you a 155 character limit to write about your business. Keep website link, mail and contact numbers visible to the public so that people contact you directly.

Directly Sell Your Stuff On Instagram:

Instagram shopping allows businesses to sell their products directly on Instagram . It’s a convenient feature for businesses to sell their products and services.

Upload eye catching and high quality images of your products to Instagram to gain attention of the audience. Here you can take professional help to take attractive pictures of your product. Post only realistic images of the product you sell on Instagram.

In order to start business on Instagram , you can set up a free account of type professional account and choose business option to get access to more tools and run your business.

Instagram’s disadvantages for business:

Instagram has its disadvantages also, while using Instagram one should be aware of potential drawbacks of this platform.

Algorithm Changes: 

Instagram algorithm is not a constant program. It is a piece of software that keeps updated according to new trends which decides the ranking of your posts, stories, reels, etc..

Instagram changes its algorithm frequently. Businesses should understand about algorithm changes and be updated with this technicality.

Instagram does not have a unique algorithm that decides the ranking of your posts and display of your posts in user feeds.

The algorithm depends on a few main factors such as how popular your content is and how many followers interacts with you, content quality to rank your posts, reels, stories.

Whenever there is a change in algorithm it impacts your content reach. Your content may not rank or your posts may not be shown in users’ feeds after Instagram changes its algorithm. It may happen.

That narrows your brand’s reach and decreases your product sales and services.

An Excessive Focus On Visuals:

Instagram is a visual platform. Businesses without appealing products or services may not reach user engagement thus lead to poor sales. If you don’t have visual creativity then this place is not for your business.

Highly Competitive:

Instagram is highly populated with millions of businesses. Standing unique from the crowd is always a challenging task to achieve.

Few Possibilities for Linking:

Instagram provides limited linking possibilities. Except bio page it wont allow direct linking in posts. This is a major drawback which limits growth of business by limiting external linking.

Time Consuming:

Unless you don’t spend time you can’t create rich content. Unless you post rich content you don’t get impressions. If you don’t get an impression your content cant be consumed. So it all depends on the time you consume on Instagram to make yourself active on it.

Possibility of Adverse Comments:

When you advertise your business to the public for feedback you may receive negative comments about your product. It negatively impacts your business growth and damages your bands reputation.

Users may change their preferences accordingly Instagram trends also change rapidly to catch user preferences . It may break your marketing strategy. In order to stay ahead with competition your business requires you to adapt changes.

Privacy Concerns : 

Instagram’s user generated content creates privacy concerns. It requires constant monitoring of user generated content to ensure compliance with privacy laws and protect user data.

Target Audience:

Usually Instagram is being used by youngsters across the world. This platform attracts more youngsters of the age range between 18 to 34. If your business does not suit youngsters then this platform won’t benefit you. Even though you launch your business on Instagram it will not reach your target audience because they do not exist on this platform.

Before launching the business on Instagram it is wise to analyze your target audience and competitors. 

Understanding these potential risks can help businesses function smoothly on Instagram and it enables them to utilize all the features in a more efficient way to see success in your business.

A Few Instagram Features For Your Business To Flourish

Few Instagram features that will help your businesses to get in touch with customers frequently in different formats to engage with your content.

Instagram trends are changing over time to enhance its strength and make features rich that are sufficient enough to grow your business. Lets jump to learn Instagram features.


Reels are basically vertical posts lasting up to 15 seconds to 1 minute. It enables you to make video clips using audio, voice over, text, stickers etc.. 

Reels were first introduced in 2020 and gained more popularity among Instagram users to create engaging content.

Instagram Post Collabs:

It allows you to create a post along with another user. So it appears on both of your feeds. It is a very smart feature as it allows both of the creators handles to appear in a single post and it segregates all likes, comments and displays at one place.

Instagram Notes:

You can pin short captions at the top of the application and those will stay for 24 hours. It acts like a reminder about any event.

Professional Dashboard :

It is a tool used to track performance and helps to improve metrics. It is accessible for business and creators.

Instagram Insights:

It is a measurement tool to check the growth of the account. Metrics like comments, likes, engagement rate, followers etc.. can be provided here.

Instagram Live:

This is a great feature to connect with your followers and directly showcase your business to followers. It allows your businesses to engage with customers more.

Instagram Guides:

It allows you to make a post about a single topic. That topic may be a specific product launch or any other specific event.

To create an Instagram guide you no need to create a new post but gather content about already published posts about any certain topic.

Pinned Comments:

If you think any comment is useful and provides some value to your post, you can pin that comment so it will be displayed just below the post’s caption. So it brings attention to users to see it first. 

This way you can control what your readers see first.


This is a popular feature on Instagram lets you share the short videos to the audience to catch their attention to stay engaged with your content. It disappears after 24 hours. You can save stories into the story highlight section.


Carousels allow you to add  10 posts or videos at a time. So users can see all the clips in a carousel by swiping one by one. It became popular because you can single clips in a single carousel to showcase products or share any information.


Instagram stickers are graphic elements that can be added to Instagram stories. There are many types of stickers available like music stickers, location stickers etc..

The most common errors made on Instagram

No Proper Introduction :

If you don’t introduce yourself and about your business properly you will get audience attention. Make your bio page more attractive and focus on who you are, what are your products and services and how it helps customers. 

Provide correct contact information like mobile number, office address, email id. Frequently check they are working. If they don’t work, update the contact details.

No Useful Content:

Few accounts fail to show off their content in an engaging manner. When you explain about your product, give some useful tips around your product. So customers feel it in a positive way and spend some more time with your content.

No Proper Hashtags:

If you don’t use the right hashtags you will not get impressions and your posts will not show in customers’ feeds. Identify popular hashtags which best suit your business.

Failure To Post At The Appropriate Time:

Few accounts post the content when they are free. It is not advisable. You have to find out when your users are active on Instagram by looking at the metrics and post according to your customers active time.

Failing To Post Updates:

If you fail to post your business updates  then the audience will feel bored. Keep updating them with new content frequently  Ex: happenings, events, new releases in your business.

FAQ (Is Instagram Worth It)

1Q: Is Instagram worth having anymore?

Ans :Instagram is still worthy of your time if you use it in a proper way. If you are a marketer or have business, you can use Instagram to improve your business. But do not need to obsess with Instagram. Check the performance of business frequently to get proper results.

2Q: Is Instagram helpful or harmful?

Ans: Yes and No. It depends on how you use it. Not only Instagram, using any tool directly doesn’t harm you unless you are addicted to it. Tools should not control us, instead they should be in our control.

3Q: Is Instagram worth it 2023?

Ans: Having 2.3 billion monthly active users and growing still. It is not obsolete yet. Many features are getting added to it to make it trendy. It makes itself convenient for users day by day.

4Q: Should I quit Instagram?

Ans: That is completely a personal choice. If you are not getting any monetary benefit or health benefit, adding value to life then it’s always better to quit the platform.

Final Words About Is Instagram Worth It

Is Instagram worth it is completely depends on the few factors. Most of the users are arrived on this platform. So If you are brand looking to grow your sales it definitely worth it. But as a student if you ask Is Instagram Worth It, then it may not since you get attracted to beauty visuals and may forget your time.

Being a celebrity if you ask Is Instagram Worth It, then definitely, you can market the products and earn good revenue on it by promoting your agencies.

Finally it depends on your profession, Is Instagram Worth It questions can be answered.

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